1920's antique dining room sets

1920’s antique dining room sets – All You Need to Know

The splendor of carved wood in 1920’s antique dining room sets can be seen in these exquisite pieces. Featuring a table with a single leaf and six chairs, this set is made of fine wood and boasts a restored walnut or matched burl finish. The table has an imposing bass and measures 42″ wide and 30 1/2″ tall. Its leaf is 12 inches wide and provides ample legroom for six.

Retro-style dining chairs

If you love vintage furniture, you might have an interest in purchasing some 1920’s antique dining room sets. These sets are often characterized by their period-inspired designs. For example, you can find French cabriole chairs, which were influenced by animal hindquarters. They were built without stretchers and had curved cabriole legs. You might also find American Rococo chairs, which were inspired by London cabinet maker Thomas Chippendale.

1920's antique dining room sets

These retro-style dining chairs are also perfect for a low-budget dining room makeover. They are reminiscent of a 1920’s movie and will add an air of nostalgia to your dining room. You can pair them with a glass or metal dining table to create a vintage-style look. They’re also affordable, with a set of four costing about $180.

Deco-style dining chairs can easily blend with traditional antiques. They’re also easy to coordinate with Neoclassical or Biedermeier settings. You can find a wide selection of Art Deco chairs on Chairish. You can also choose between upholstered or metal Deco chairs.

When shopping for antique dining room furniture, remember to look for quality and condition. Antique furniture may be more expensive than modern versions, but it can create the dining room of your dreams. With a little hard work and determination, you can find the perfect piece for your room.

Fine woods

The fine woods used in the 1920’s antique dining room sets were often sourced from exotic locations. Sycamore, which is also known as Harewood, is an excellent hardwood that is a great choice for fine country furniture and fine Regency furniture. This wood is very durable but can be delicate, and has a light grain. Amboyna, which is derived from Ambon Island in Indonesia, is another beautiful wood used for fine-quality antique furniture.


1920's antique dining room setsWhether you are buying an antique dining room set from the 1920’s or one of the many other decades, the most important aspect of choosing the right furniture is the quality. Look for good quality and make sure to check for any defects. Even if the furniture has some scratches, it should still be usable. In addition to that, you want to make sure that you don’t end up with a piece that you will be unhappy with.

You can start by learning about woods used in the 1920’s antique dining room sets. Mahogany is a close-grained hardwood native to the West Indies and South America. It ranges in color from dark brown to red and sometimes has a spotted effect. Mahogany was popular for furniture in the mid-18th century in Britain and throughout Europe.

Another key feature of 1920’s antique dining room sets is the use of exotic woods. This kind of wood is ideal for high-end pieces that reflect the wealth of their owner. Many fine kinds of wood used in the 1920’s antique dining room sets are highly durable and attractive.

1920's antique dining room sets

In the 18th century, the woods used for furniture included mahogany, ebony, pitch pine, walnut, and tulipwood. Black lacquer-coated wood was also popular, as were copper and pewter. Some pieces were also adorned with mother-of-pearl inlay and ivory.