57th street antique mall – Everything You Need To Know

If you’re a fan of old-school fixtures and 20%-30% Discounts, the 57th street antique mall may be the place for you. It’s large and old-school but offers some great finds, and is run by a woman-owned business. The first thing you’ll notice is the huge amount of old-school furniture available.

57th street antique mall

57th street antique mall is a large, old-school fixture

The 57th street antique mall is one of Chicago’s oldest stores, selling a wide variety of items from clocks to furniture. Many of the items for sale here are unique and difficult to find anywhere else. Antiques Junction is one such store.

57th street antique mall

You can easily fall in love with antique shopping. The experience never gets old. The 57th Street Antique Mall is one of the largest and oldest antique malls in the country. Its inventory changes frequently, as many items are sold. You’ll never run out of things to look at here!

It offers 20%-30% Discounts

Shoppers will find that 57th Street Antique Mall is offering 20%-30% Discounts store-wide on Antiques, Vintage, Retro, and Mid-Century items. These sales offer great opportunities to find rare and classic items at a discounted price. These discounts are available on items from over 75 dealers.


57th street antique mallIt is a women-owned and operated business

Located in Sacramento, California, 57th Street Antique Mall is a women-owned and operated business that operates primarily in the industry. Currently, there is 1 employee at the business, which generates $57,000 in annual revenue. The business has been around for 29 years and is a woman-owned business.


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