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After conducting some research, I stumbled upon a remarkable planner that has revolutionized the way I plan our homeschool lessons. The Anna Vance Homeschool planner immediately caught my attention. What sets it apart is its unique suitability for a Charlotte Mason educational approach.

Unwrapping the Beauty

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the exquisite packaging. Just like a brown paper package tied up with strings, it made opening the planner feel like unwrapping a precious Christmas gift. The attention to detail truly shines through.

packaging for the Anna Vance homeschool planner

Anna Vance Homeschool Planner – A Perfect Fit

In my inaugural year with the Anna Vance Homeschool planner, I’m already captivated by its versatility. It offers a variety of options to create a personalized planner that caters to your specific needs. Allow me to walk you through my experience.

In line with Charlotte Mason’s teachings, I embrace the practice of maintaining both a mother’s logbook and a teacher’s planner. Separate systems help me stay organized. In the future, I’ll delve into the details of how I plan our yearly, termly, and weekly lessons.

One standout feature of these homeschool planners is the profound sense of support for small businesses. As fellow homeschoolers, the creators of the Anna Vance planner understand our needs and craft these planners with love. By purchasing one, I not only gain a fantastic planning tool but also contribute to a thriving family enterprise.

cover design of the teacher planner.
Planner cover

inside page with a Charlotte Mason quote.
Charlotte Mason quote on inside

yearly calendar view
Annual calendar view

Tailored to Your Preferences

The Anna Vance planners are highly customizable, allowing you to design a layout that aligns perfectly with your homeschooling needs. You can track individual students, make observations, memorize verses, create trackers, and even indulge in Charlotte Mason inspired sections such as handicrafts, nature study, recitations, and mother culture journaling pages.

The planners are a visual delight, sprinkled with Charlotte Mason quotes throughout, and offer the option of choosing a bible quote for the cover design.

For my main weekly lesson planning pages, I opted for the 2B layout. However, there are numerous layout options available to suit every preference.

planner pages view
Weekly planning pages

If you’re new to homeschooling or unsure of your planning needs, I suggest starting with the Minimal or Simple homeschool planner designs. They provide an excellent foundation for a successful planning journey.

A Wealth of Resources

The Anna Vance planner offers more than just a planning tool. It comes with a range of delightful planning accessories, including stickers that add a touch of whimsy to your day. The bookmark adorned with Charlotte Mason’s wisdom is a constant companion in my planner, reminding me of the beauty of education.

verses page in planner
Verses to remember

reading list in the planner pages
Reading list

exams pages in the planner

Planning our homeschooling journey with these thoughtfully designed resources has been a game-changer. I can’t help but wish I had discovered them sooner.

Embrace the Anna Vance Experience

In conclusion, I am absolutely thrilled with my Anna Vance teacher planner. In a future post, I’ll delve into how I leverage its features to chart our educational course. If you’re looking for a comprehensive and beautiful planner, I highly recommend exploring the offerings from Quill And Fox. The Anna Vance planner is a true gem, empowering homeschoolers with its versatility and attention to detail.

sticker sheet in the lesson planner.
Sticker pages

accessories in the Anna Vance Planner
Planner accessories

“The formation of habits is education, and education is the formation of habits.” – Charlotte Mason, Home education

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