Antique Victorian Walnut Hall Tree – Where to Buy it?

A Victorian antique hall tree is a great way to store hats, coats, and umbrellas. This beautiful piece of furniture has a mirror, original brass hooks, and porcelain fixtures. The carved details and cast iron drop pan are just some of the features of this piece of furniture. It measures approximately 83″ high, 32″ wide, and 14″ deep.

Antique Victorian Walnut Hall Tree

The Antique Victorian Walnut Hall Tree is an amazing piece of furniture that holds coats, umbrellas, and hats in place. It features a carved shield in the center and is complete with nine cast brass coat hooks. The hall tree features hand-carved details and an exquisite cast iron drop pan. It measures 83″ high and 32″ wide.

1800's antique hall tree

This antique walnut hall tree is in excellent condition. It has carved decoration on its base and marble shelf over the drawer. Its lower shelf features a brass piece that is likely meant to hold umbrellas. Four decorative brass hooks fastened to the sides of the tree are also functional. The hooks have long threaded backs and are in good condition. Overall, this hall tree is in excellent condition with wear consistent with age.

Hats/Umbrella/Coats With Mirror

This oak hat/umbrella/coat antique hall tree includes a mirror and an umbrella stand. It is decorated with six double metal hooks: four protrude above the beveled mirror, and two protrude on each side of the piece. There is also a drawer beneath the mirror for small items. The wooden crescents are designed to hold umbrellas over drip trays. The carved cat face hardware is original to the piece. The piece is hand delivered via White Glove Service.

The design of this hat/umbrella/coat antique hall tree features a curved angular base and double umbrella holders. The square-shaped base is elevated by tapered legs, while its clear mirror features ornate carvings on the base. The stand weighs 75 pounds and is available for pick-up in Pennsburg, Pa.

Lone-Star Frontier Theme

A hall tree is an excellent way to add storage space to your foyer while combining style and utility. This particular hall tree is made of wood and finished in a dark brown finish. It features a large oval-shaped mirror, two small drawers, and a pair of hooks. It also has a classy design that is ideal for a country-themed room.

1800's antique hall tree

Light Brown Finish

If you’re looking to add style and utility to your foyer, look no further than a hall tree. These beautiful, wood-constructed pieces feature a large dressing mirror, an upper shelf, and a combination of open and closed-door cabinets. These pieces are made to be functional and attractive, but they also come with a substantial seat for extra storage.

1800's antique hall tree

One way to date an antique hall tree is by looking at the wood finish. Until the mid-1800s, most furniture was finished with shellac. Later, oil, wax, or milk paint were used. Some fine pieces are French-polished. Lacquer, on the other hand, is a sign of a more modern manufacture.


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