Antiques in Ann Arbor

Antiques in Ann Arbor – Top 5 best Antiques in Ann Arbor

If you’re looking for great antiques in Ann Arbor, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a list of 5 great antique shops in the area. These shops specialize in vintage and handmade items, from 1930s home decor pieces to handmade pottery. You can follow their Facebook page for updates on sales and other items.

Antiques in Ann Arbor

When it comes to finding antiques in Ann Arbor, you’ll have no shortage of choices. This Michigan city has a long and rich history. It’s home to the University of Michigan and historic residential districts. Residents love the city’s uniqueness and aren’t interested in bland interiors. In fact, it’s possible to find refurbished furniture that is just as beautiful as the original. Besides, refurbished furniture doesn’t take away from the individuality of the piece.

Antiques in Ann Arbor

Antelope Antiques specializes in Ann Arbor-themed items. Located at 255 E. Liberty, this shop has a unique mix of vintage and contemporary items. Its Instagram account offers sneak peaks at new arrivals. Its storefront is a great place to check out new finds.

If you’re looking for antique jewelry and home decor, there are a number of different stores in Ann Arbor that will meet your needs. Arcadian Antiques is a family-owned store that has been in business for over 30 years. The store specializes in vintage diamond engagement rings, but it also carries vintage clothing and home decor items. Arcadian also posts updates on its Facebook page with interesting finds.

The Best 5 Antiques in Ann Arbor

If you love antiques, you’ll love the Ann Arbor area. From 18th century furniture to vintage diamond engagement rings, there’s a store in Ann Arbor for you. With two locations, Arcadian Antiques is a family-owned business that has been serving Ann Arbor residents since 1983. The store specializes in vintage engagement rings, but also offers a variety of antique home decor, jewelry, and accessories. The shop regularly updates its social media with new finds.

Antiques in Ann Arbor

Salt City Antiques in Ypsilanti is known for its passion for vintage furniture. It also has a wide selection of vintage clothing and accessories. The store also offers kitchenware, decorations, and vintage matchbooks. The owner has a Facebook page that features updates on new items and hours.

The Chelsea Antique Mall is one of the best antique malls in the area. This store is home to more than 40 dealers and sells everything under the sun, from primitive to 20th century items. You can also find beautiful jewelry, vintage clothing, and vintage coins.

Thistle & Bess

If you are in the area, you should stop by Thistle & Bess Antique and Vintage Gifts, which is located in Kerrytown. This store has a wide variety of products, including fine jewelry, fashion accessories, and home decor. It also offers small exhibitions, workshops, and special events, including local artists and craftspeople. You may find something unique and special to add to your home.

Thistle & Bess is owned by Diana Marsh, a native of Belleville who studied art at the University of Michigan. She spent the past 11 years working as a teacher in New York before opening her store in Kerrytown. Marsh has always had an interest in antiques and history. She also sold items on Etsy, a popular website where users can sell handmade or vintage goods.

Antiques in Ann Arbor

Before opening her shop, Marsh sold vintage jewelry. She then developed a fine jewelry line, which focuses on antique pieces. One example is a forget-me-not ring, which is based on an antique design featuring two hands holding a flower. The hands represent faith and loyalty, and the flower is meant to represent friendship.

Schmidt’s Antique

In the late 1800s, Niels Iver Schmidt emigrated from Denmark to the United States. At the young age of 19, he opened a furniture store in Troy, New York, and began dealing in antiques. Later, his son Alfred joined his father in the business. The Schmidts became known for picking up antiques from all over the world.

Today, the business remains family-owned and operated. The fourth-generation Schmidts have continued the tradition of fine antiques. They specialize in English, French, American, and Spanish furniture, along with fine art items. Antique collectors and homeowners are sure to find a treasure at Schmidt’s.

Saline Antiques Market

The Saline Antiques Market in Ann Arbor is an indoor market where you can find a variety of antiques and collectibles. The vendors sell everything from early Americana to Art Deco. This is the perfect place to pick up a bargain and save money by buying from local vendors. It’s open on selected weekends from April to October.

Salt City Anitques

Salt City Antiques is a great place to go for mid-century furniture and decor. They also carry vintage clothing and accessories. They have a large inventory of mid-century items and can help you decorate your home without breaking the bank. The store is located in Ypsilanti.

If you’re planning to visit Salt City Antiques in Ann Arbor, you can use Moovit to help you find the best route. The app will give you a clear path to Salt City Antiques-Depot Town, and it will even show you which bus stops are closest to your destination. You can even buy a bus pass that includes Salt City Antiques-Depot Town!

The Salt City Antiques store has two locations, one in Ann Arbor and one in Ypsilanti. The store specializes in Mid-Century items and has been in business for more than 20 years. The store is family owned and operated. You can find antique furniture, home decor, and jewelry from the 1850s to the 1940s at this store. The store updates its social media pages with the latest finds.

Materials Unlimited

The Materials Unlimited store, which is located on West Main Street in Ann Arbor, has a showroom with high ceilings and glass windows. The store, which has about 16,800 square feet of space, contains a wide variety of antique pieces, including stained glass windows and architectural columns. The showroom also features restored antique lighting and furnishings. The display room is filled with pieces ranging in age from the 17th century to the 1950s.

Materials Unlimited has been a staple of the Ypsilanti area for more than three decades. The store began in the owner’s garage and evolved from there. He developed an interest in salvaged items after acquiring an MFA from the University of Michigan School of Architecture. The owner of the store also knew people who worked for demolition companies and was able to salvage some of the most stunning pieces from old buildings.

Another place to find beautiful antiques in Ann Arbor is at Arcadian Antiques. This family-owned business has two locations in the city. The items in this store are carefully restored and are a must-see for any antique enthusiast. They also offer antique jewelry, home decor, and vintage clothing.

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If you’re an antiques lover and live in or near Ann Arbor, Michigan, then you’ve probably heard of The Last Word. Among the newly-minted, it’s the city’s best-kept secret. The Last Word has a great jazz band that raises the speakeasy atmosphere and sets a special mood. Getting in is a mystery and patrons who find their way in are considered lucky.