AP Research Sample Paper

A Review of Excellent Sample Papers


In AP Research, students are expected to produce high-quality academic papers that demonstrate their research skills. In this article, we will explore several outstanding papers from previous years that received top scores. These papers cover a range of topics and showcase the diverse talents of AP Research students.

Hall of Fame Papers

Here are some exemplary papers from 2019 that received a perfect score of “5” from the College Board:

  • Perception of Women in Leadership by Rachel Feldman
  • Self-Affirmation as a Stress Buffer in High School Students’ Cognitive Ability by Denice Higareda
  • General Perceived Self-Efficacy and the Struggles of Test Anxiety by Gabby Holquin
  • The Effects of School Resource Officers on Feelings of School Connectedness and Safety by Stephanie Mier
  • Determining the Factors that Influence One’s Opinions on Globalization Within Youth by Zareh Shahinian
  • Adolescent Exposure to Sad Music by Jessica Wong

Similarly, in 2018, the following papers also earned a perfect score:

  • Personality and Tempo: Exploring the Relationship Between Music and Cognition by Matthew Bacon
  • Gender Differences in Attitudes Towards STEM Among High School Students by Alexis Bui
  • Human Evaluation of Machine Translation by Tanvi Kharkar
  • Parasocial Relationships: A Study Concerning Adolescents’ Media Engagement & Interaction by Cambria Meadows
  • The Acting White Accusation: an examination of academic achievement, perceived educational benefits, and peer influence among high school students by Success Ufondo
  • Relationship Between Factors of Behavior & Length of Stay in Dogs Housed in A No Kill Animal Shelter by John Wargowski
  • Placebo Sleep and Student Cognition: Examining the Power of Perception by Ethan Trunfio
  • What are High School Students Attitudes and Opinions Towards Physician Assisted Suicide? by Madina Safdari

Additionally, there were five “perfect” scores in 2017:

  • Youth Impulsivity Levels: Disordered Gambling & Substance Abuse by Diane Bui
  • A Study of Aesthetics and Hedonics in Photography by Bria Rosenberg
  • Consequences of Texting Behaviors on Teen Romantic Relationships by Goldy Faramarzyan
  • Paper by Valeria Robles (coming soon)
  • Effect of Dog Interactions on High School Students’ Mood & Anxiety by Anam
  • Hope’s Word Use in the Poetry of Anne Saxton & Sylvia Plath by Hope Su
  • Korean Ethnic Identity & Assimilation Levels of High School Students in an Ethnically Diverse California School by Esther Lee

Daring Sample Paper Employing A Delphi Research Method

In a bold move, Nick Turcios conducted a study on societal attitudes towards terraforming Mars. This paper, completed in 2017, employed a unique Delphi research method. Please note that this paper should be approached with caution due to its unconventional research approach.


These exceptional sample papers serve as excellent examples for current AP Research students. They demonstrate the skills required to conduct rigorous research and produce high-quality academic papers. To learn more about the AP Research program, visit Quill And Fox.

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