Benjamin Moore Paper White: The Perfect Light-Dove Gray Paint


Choosing the right gray paint color can be a challenge. Not only do you have to consider warm or cool tones, but you also need to pay attention to undertones. Benjamin Moore Paper White, despite its name, is actually a light gray color that is perfectly neutral in both temperature and undertones. In this article, we will explore the qualities of BM Paper White and showcase 25 real homes that use this stunning paint color.

Benjamin Moore Paper White

Why Choose Benjamin Moore Paper White?

BM Paper White is incredibly versatile, chic, stunning, elegant, and timeless. It is a light-dove gray color that exudes sophistication. However, it is important to note that in certain lighting situations, it can appear dingy. So, let’s take a closer look at BM Paper White to determine if it is the ideal shade for your home.

FAQs about Paper White

LRV of Benjamin Moore Paper White (1590 or OC-55)

The Light Reflectance Value (LRV) of BM Paper White is 75.89. This puts it in the light off-white range. While this color is beautiful, it can wash out in bright light and appear slightly grungy in low light. Make sure to test this color in your space before making a final decision.

Paper White Compared to Other Colors

To better understand BM Paper White, let’s compare it to three other popular paint colors.

Benjamin Moore Paper White vs. Classic Gray

When compared side by side, Paper White appears grayer while BM Classic Gray has more beige undertones. Although both colors have a similar brightness, Classic Gray is slightly darker with an LRV of 74.78.

Benjamin Moore Paper White vs. Classic Gray

Benjamin Moore Paper White vs. Silver Satin

Silver Satin has an LRV of 76.35, making it slightly lighter than Paper White. While both colors have gray undertones, Silver Satin can also have light purple undertones in warm lighting situations.

Benjamin Moore Paper White vs. Calm

BM Calm is essentially the beige equivalent of Paper White. It has a lighter and warmer appearance with an LRV of 77.7. Calm also has purple undertones that can become noticeable in certain lighting.

25 Real Life Homes Using Paper White Paint

Now, let’s dive into some inspiring examples of homes that showcase the beauty of BM Paper White. Remember to sample the color before committing to a larger painting project!

BM Paper White Living Rooms

In living rooms, Paper White shines when paired with wood tones. Its creamy sophistication complements both bright artificial light and basement settings.

BM Paper White Kitchens

For kitchens, consider using eggshell or satin finishes for walls and semi-gloss or high gloss for cabinets. Paper White is an excellent choice for creating a soft, stunning ambiance that contrasts well with white cabinets and darker grays.

Paper White Painted Dining Rooms

In dining rooms, Paper White’s gray undertones add a touch of elegance and neutrality. It complements both gray and beige decor seamlessly.

Benjamin Moore Paper White Bedrooms

Paper White is a perfect choice for bedrooms, especially with its mid-tone gray appearance. It blends well with white and wood-toned decor without showing any undertones.

Kid’s Bedrooms Using Paper White Paint

Paper White creates a bright and chic atmosphere in kids’ bedrooms. Its soft silvery gray hue adds a touch of contrast without overwhelming the space.

BM Paper White Bathrooms

With the right finish, Paper White can transform bathrooms into inviting spaces. Its subtle gray undertones coordinate well with brass fixtures and seamlessly complement other decor elements.

Offices Painted Paper White

Whether it’s a sophisticated work-from-home space or an office showcasing colorful decor, Paper White provides a versatile backdrop that allows other elements to shine.


Benjamin Moore Paper White is a paint color that suits almost every space. Its perfect balance of creamy sophistication and neutral elegance adds a touch of timeless beauty to any room. However, it’s crucial to test the color in different lighting conditions to ensure it complements your space. Start by grabbing a re-usable, re-positionable, peel and stick paint sample and see the magic of BM Paper White for yourself!

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