Create Beautiful Bows with Wrapping Paper

Get ready to discover three delightful ways to make bows out of wrapping paper. This tutorial will teach you the art of creating bows that are perfect for any occasion! Whether you’re wrapping a gift, decorating a wreath, or crafting something special, these wrapping paper bows are sure to impress.

You know how much I love bows. They add a touch of elegance to any project, and I can’t get enough of them! In fact, bows are a staple in most of my craft projects. Today, I’m excited to share not one or two, but three different wrapping paper bows that are so much fun to make.

Perfect for Any Occasion

Before we dive into the tutorial, let’s take a moment to appreciate some of the other DIY bows I’ve shared. From the 5 Minute Lace Messy Bow to the Denim Messy Bow, I’ve got you covered with a variety of bow styles for every taste.

One of the best things about these DIY bows is that you can use any kind of wrapping paper to make them. Think beyond the holidays and imagine the possibilities for birthdays, weddings, baby showers, and more. You’ll definitely want to save this post for future reference!

Supplies You’ll Need

To get started, make sure you have the following supplies ready:

  • Wrapping Paper
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Stapler

Step-by-Step Video Tutorial

If you prefer a visual guide, check out the step-by-step video tutorial below. It will walk you through each paper bow tutorial, providing slow and easy-to-follow instructions.

Paper Bow Tutorial

Fluffy Paper Bow

Let’s start with the easiest bow first. This fluffy paper bow is incredibly simple to make, and it looks charming on any gift. Here’s how to create it:

Step 1. Measure your paper

Decide on the size of your bow and mark the cutting points on the wrapping paper.

Step 2. Fold the paper

Fold the paper in half, pressing it down, and then fold it in half again.

Step 3. Cut the wrapping paper

Using scissors, cut thin strips about 1/2″ wide along the “non-folded” edge, making sure to stop about an inch from the edge.

Step 4. Staple the strips

Gather the folded edges of the paper strips together and staple them.

Step 5. Fluff the bow

Turn the bow over and fluff the strips to give it a full and beautiful appearance. The bow practically forms itself!

And there you have it! Your fluffy paper bow is ready to be used. Try pairing it with a paper ribbon for an extra special touch.

Bow Tie Paper Bow

Next up is the bow tie paper bow. It’s a sleek and stylish option that adds a touch of sophistication to any package. Follow these steps to create your own:

Step 1. Cut wrapping paper

Start by cutting a section of wrapping paper to your desired size. I recommend using a strip that’s approximately 24″ long and 2″ wide. Fold this strip in half.

Step 2. Trim corners

Using the folded end, cut in and out to create a fish-shaped outline. Also, cut the ends with a dovetail cut. When you open up the wrapping paper, it should resemble a fish body.

Step 3. Fold the bow

Fold the bow towards the center to create a classic-style bow.

Step 4. Staple the pieces

Place the dovetail cut ribbon pieces behind the bow and staple all of the pieces together.

Step 5. Attach the center

Take a small piece of wrapping paper, fold it over the center of the bow, and secure it with a piece of scotch tape.

Voila! You now have a sophisticated bow that can be used on gifts, wreaths, crafts, and more. It looks especially stunning against neutral gift wrap.

Classic Gift Wrap Bow

Finally, let’s explore how to make the classic gift wrap bow. These bows are often store-bought, but creating your own personalized version adds a special touch to any gift. Here’s how:

Step 1. Cut strips

Cut six strips of paper “ribbon” that are approximately an inch wide. Make three of the strips about 2 inches shorter than the others. For example, you could have three 12″ strips and three 10″ strips.

Step 2. Fold strips

Fold the corners of each strip into a point and staple them in the center. You should have six folded ribbon pieces, each with points on both ends.

Step 3. Layer the strips

Layer all the folded ribbon strips and staple them together. Start with the longer pieces at the bottom and finish with the shorter strips.

Step 4. Add the center loop

Create a small loop with a piece of wrapping paper and tape it to the center of your bow.

Fluff up your bow, and admire your handiwork! The classic gift wrap bow looks just like a store-bought one, but with a personal touch. Isn’t it lovely?

Wrapping It All Up

There you have it! Three super easy and inexpensive ways to make stunning wrapping paper bows. Now you’re equipped with the skills to create fabulous bows for any occasion. Whether you choose the fluffy paper bow, the bow tie paper bow, or the classic gift wrap bow, your friends and loved ones will be amazed by your handcrafted creations.

Quill And Fox is here to inspire your creativity and help you discover new ways to add flair to your projects. Let me know in the comments which bow is your favorite, and stay tuned for more quick and easy craft ideas!

Note: This article was written based on the original content by Southern Crush at Home.