Clear Transfer Paper

Clear transfer paper greatly improves the installation and application of vinyl design. Clear transfer tapes are expedient after the vinyl design has been cut accurately, and the weeding process has been done to take out the excess vinyl from the design. Transfer tape is then applied over the design to stick to the vinyl design. Clear transfer tapes come in handy when the user is working with multiple pieces of intricate designs or objects that require proper placement and spacing.

Best Tips for Beginners Using Clear Transfer Paper

Tip 1:

RATHER THAN REMOVING THE BACK, TRY FOLDING IT: this is one simple trick that helps the user with placement and application of vinyl design. Instead of just peeling the design and clear transfer paper off the paperback, try to fold back one edge of the paper backing to ensure only a portion of the adhesive side of the design is exposed. This clear transfer paper ensures careful positioning of the design rather than getting it stuck. When satisfied with the positioning, apply pressure on the edge of the design that is exposed and peels off the rest of the backing while gentle smoothing out the sign; this makes the process of application much easier.

TIP 2:

REUSE THE TRANSFER TAPE: You can make use of your tape multiple times, clear transfer paperis possible to use it for about three to four times. Therefore, when the transfer tape is peeled off for a particular design, RATHER THAN THROW IT AWAY, SAVE IT FOR YOUR NEXT CUSTOM TRANSFER PROJECT.

TIP 3:

SNIP TRANSFER TAPE WHEN APPLYING TO CURVE SURFACES: For surfaces such as vases or mugs, this simple, neat trick is awesome. When taking out the design from a flat surface to a curved shape canvas, there is a high chance it ends up wrinkling the vinyl design. Rather, use scissors to clip through the transfer tape and NOT the vinyl to prevent folds and air bubbles. Snipping through transfer tape between the vinyl pieces can easily curve the design on the curved surface.

How to Use Clear Transfer Paper?

To begin, you will need your equipment i.e., clear transfer tape, cutting machine, adhesive vinyl, and your canvas. Then proceed to cut design from adhesive vinyl and weed out excess and unwanted vinyl. Ensure your kiss cut to help get the best result after applying the transfer tape. To do this, the blade of the cutting machine must pass through the vinyl and ensure not cutting through the paperback of the tape. In a situation whereby the blade cut through or into the paper backing off the clear tape, it may be quite difficult to take out the design from the backing.

After the design is cut and weeded, then continue to cut a piece off a transfer tape to accommodate the project and use the edge of your palm to smooth it on top of the design. Then, peel the transfer tape, housing the design with it, and gently peel off the paper backing. The design will be completed on the transfer paper, ready to be applied on the project surface.