Crispy Rice Paper Rolls

These Rice Paper Dumplings are crispy on the outside, chewy and filled with flavourful goodies on the inside.

These crispy Rice Paper Dumplings are a combination of two of my favourite things combined… Dumplings and Rice Paper rolls! Then dipped into a tasty homemade Gyoza dipping sauceto make them even better 🙂

They’re crispy on the outside, chewy and filled with flavourful goodies on the inside.

This recipe for Rice Paper Dumplings takes 20 minutes to make and is also vegan and gluten free, so everyone can enjoy them!

They’re also much easier than making dumplings and you can change up the filling to your liking.

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These Rice Paper Dumplings are inspired by the lovely Lisa from Okonomi Kitchen. I saw her make on these on Tiktok, and I knew I had to try them with my own twist! They’re definitely a must-try!

Table of Contents

  • Ingredients to make Rice Wrapper Dumplings
  • How to make Rice Paper Dumplings
  • FAQs
  • Tips to make Rice Paper Dumplings
  • More Crispy Recipes
  • Recipe
  • Comments

Ingredients to make Rice Wrapper Dumplings

  • Rice Paper Sheets / Rice Paper Wrappers are the foundation of the dumplings. You can find them at your local Asian grocer along with most supermarkets
  • Firm tofu is my preferred protein. You can also substitute with prawns or chicken if you’re not vegan
  • Mushrooms have a nice umami flavour along with a meaty texture so they’re great to add in the filling
  • Carrots give a nice sweetness and colour, just ensure you grate them finely so they cook quickly with the rest of the vegetables
  • Green cabbage is also great as it goes with all vegetables and gives a little crunch
  • Garlic and Ginger brings a beautiful flavour to the filling
  • Sesame oil and Soy sauce are used to flavour the filling. You don’t need to add much as you will also have a dipping sauce. You can also use Tamari which is a gluten free soy sauce

How to make Rice Paper Dumplings


Inside shot of rice paper dumpling filling

Tips to make Rice Paper Dumplings

  1. Prepare and cut your vegetables and tofu in similar sizes so that they are mixed in well together and will cook evenly
  2. Only dip the rice paper sheets in warm for a few seconds. They will soften more as they’re handled. If they are oversoaked, they will be too sticky and won’t crisp up.
  3. When wrapping the rice paper dumplings, ensure to wrap them on a damp tea towel or a wet chopping board. This stops the sheets from sticking to the plate and ripping when being wrapped
  4. Don’t overcrowd the pan when frying the rice paper dumplings. They can easily stick together so make sure there is enough room between them
  5. Make sure to eat them straight away whilst they’re nice and crispy as they will soften. Keep them on a wire cooling rack if you are cooking in batches to keep crispy

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