Does Toilet Paper Expire?

We use toilet paper every day – without ever considering which is the best toilet paper for us. If you’ve ever pondered this bum-cleansing product as you’ve sat perched upon the porcelain throne, you’ve likely bumped into a few unanswered questions about the ol’ T.P.

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Does toilet paper expire? Is toilet paper bad for my bum? What happens after I flush? Which is the best toilet paper for the environment?

For the curious among us, the answers to these and other questions about the white stuff can lend insight into a product that’s an essential part of our lives – and shed light on which is the best toilet paper for you and for the environment.

1. Does Toilet Paper Expire?

Despite the expiration date that your toilet paper company lists on the packaging of your toilet paper, the product lasts for much longer than you may expect.

As long as you don’t get the toilet paper wet or allow dust and dirt to get into the packaging of your toilet paper, the product can last years or even decades.

Since toilet paper doesn’t expire easily, buying bulk toilet paper may seem like the most logical option. However, while having a lot of toilet paper on hand in case of emergencies is useful, the product takes up a ton of room and can cause some major messes depending on how it’s stored.

Many people store their TP under the bathroom sink. But if you’ve ever had a leaky U-pipe or a plumbing emergency, you know what a sopping, yucky nightmare that situation can turn out to be.

Consider using a service that delivers the best toilet paper right to your door as often as you like. That way, you’ll have the convenience of easy TP access without compromising your storage space, causing bathroom messes, or making you blush at the checkout counter.

2. Why Won’t My Toilet Paper Flush?

If your toilet isn’t flushing, your plumbing is too clogged to allow the suction mechanism to push water through the u-bend of your toilet. Toilets can get clogged when you use too much toilet paper, though using a plunger is usually all it takes to get things moving again.

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However, if clogs in your toilet occur frequently, have an expert take a look at your plumbing system. If there isn’t a problem with your toilet, plumbing, or septic tank (if you have one), it may be time to change TP.

3. Will Wet Toilet Paper Ruin My Car’s Paint?

Imagine this: you walk outside to see your car covered in toilet paper… and just in time for a rainstorm. Maybe it was a group of mischievous teens looking for some Friday night fun, or your best man decorating your wedding getaway car.

Luckily, the product typically doesn’t contain chemicals that would damage your paint job or stick to your vehicle enough to cause any damage. Heave a sigh of relief: cleaning up the mess should be the only problem you have to deal with when someone TPs your car.

4. Why is Toilet Paper Usually White?

Although most toilet paper is white nowadays, the Telegraph says that hasn’t always been the case. In the 1950s, flashy colors were popular in everyday household products in the kitchen and bathroom – including toilet paper!

However, according to Terry’s Plumbing, the dye in colored toilet paper was associated with health risks like “skin irritation, cervical cancer, urinary tract infections, rectal issues” and more.

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Furthermore, dyed toilet paper was too expensive to produce compared to the undyed product. The dye didn’t allow toilet paper to dissolve in water as easily, either. When the demand for colored toilet paper began to shrink in the states, companies stopped producing the product.

Therefore, the best toilet paper does not use any dyes at all and has a nice white hue.

5. Is Toilet Paper Bad For You?

A chemical called bisphenol A (BPA) crops up in many paper products, including toilet paper. Some researchers claim that BPA has been tied to serious issues with reproduction and sexual development, behavioral and developmental problems in young children, and some kinds of cancer.

BPA - Bisphenol A

Inform yourself about the chemicals in your toilet paper and avoid the potential effects BPA can have on your health. The best toilet paper comes from companies that explicitly state that their product is BPA free.

6. How Much Toilet Paper Do People Use in the U.S.?

People use quite a lot of toilet paper, especially in the United States. Better Planet claims that Americans consume over 12 billion rolls of toilet paper every year, which is 50 percent more than Europeans use.

Better Planet also states that the average American uses enough toilet paper every year to stretch 2.8 miles. In fact, 83 million rolls of toilet paper are produced every day and the average person uses 57 sheets of toilet paper every day. That amounts to 20,805 per year.

7. What Is the Best Toilet Paper for the Environment?

If we use so much toilet paper each year, it’s logical to be concerned about the impact that has on the environment.

The Guardian states that more than 98 percent of toilet paper sold in America comes from virgin – aka, unrecycled – wood.

Reel Paper

Reel Paper offers an environmentally friendly alternative to toilet paper made from trees. Our TP is made 100% from bamboo, which regrows much faster than any tree typically used to make toilet paper, making it the most eco-friendly toilet paper choice.

What other questions do you have about toilet paper? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll answer them for you!