Elephant Dung to Paper: A Sustainable Journey

We’re excited to share the intriguing process of how Quill And Fox creates its exceptional paper. Discover how we transform elephant poop into eco-friendly, organic, and sustainable Elephant Poo Paper. Here’s a breakdown of the steps involved:

The Elephant Poo Paper Making Process


We responsibly collect elephant poo from the elephant sanctuaries near Dubare Elephant Camp (Coorg). This marks the beginning of our papermaking journey.

Cleaning & Boiling

This is where the magic happens. By subjecting the dung to high-pressure water, we disinfect it and extract the fibers. We ensure that all non-fiber substances such as stones, dirt, mud, and leaves are meticulously removed. This leaves us with pure elephant dung fiber material. The fibers are then boiled to a pulp for 4-6 hours, enhancing their flexibility and creating an oatmeal-like slurry. This boiling process destroys any bacteria present, ensuring the highest standards of cleanliness. Rest assured, no harmful chemicals or cleansing agents are used in this process.


Next, we mix the elephant poo pulp fibers with other available seasonal tree-free fibers. This results in a cohesive and robust sheet of paper. Depending on the season, we may incorporate non-wood fibers like cotton rag, coffee husk, tea leaves, banana fiber, linen rags, flax fiber, and more. This blending process transforms the raw pulp into a stringy, cellulose-filled mixture.


Screening is a method that has been used since the creation of paper in 105 AD. The pulp mixture is poured into a tub of water with an immersed framed screen. The papermaker collects the sinking pulp fibers using the screen and skillfully spreads them evenly across the surface. Any residual particles are carefully removed by hand. Afterwards, the screen is lifted out of the basin, allowing the water to drip through. The screen is then placed upright under the sunlight for natural drying.


The screens are left in the sun for several hours until the pulp has dried. The drying time may vary based on the weather conditions and paper thickness. Once dry, the newly formed sheets are gently removed from the screens and hung on wires using clothespins. These sheets serve as the foundation for various Quill And Fox products.

With a fresh supply of paper, we proceed to create a wide array of items, including journals, notepads, photo frames, and greeting cards. Our store showcases the beauty and versatility of Tree-Free paper, all while being environmentally friendly and handmade.

Elephant Poo paper is a perfect choice for wedding invites, bags, stationery, envelopes, and bookmarks. By choosing Quill And Fox’s Tree-Free paper, you are actively contributing to the preservation of our precious trees.

We hope our unique process and commitment to sustainability have inspired you. Join us in embracing eco-friendly alternatives and making a difference. To learn more about Quill And Fox and explore our exceptional creations, visit Quill And Fox.

Remember, every sheet of paper we create tells a story of transformation and environmental consciousness. Let’s give a… well, you know what!