Fall Construction Paper Crafts

Fall is the perfect time to pull out some craft supplies and decorate for a beautiful season full of fall colors. These construction paper fall crafts are easy for kids to create with construction paper you already have at home.

construction paper crafts

Construction Paper Fall Crafts

A great way to get your kids excited about a new season is by giving them crafts to do during that reflect the season. Fall is one of my favorite seasons. These fun fall crafts are a great way to talk about fall and the different seasons we have each year.

Benefits of Paper Crafts

There are so many benefits of paper crafts for kids. Paper crafting is a fun way for your children to get a chance to be creative in a simple and familiar way that isn’t messy. There are not a lot of extra arts and craft mediums that need to be learned, the main art supply needed is the paper you will be working with.

Benefits of Paper Crafts:

  • Improves Fine Motor Skills – The act of needing to hold paper in two hands and fold and manipulate it into different shapes helps to strengthen little hands. Tearing, folding, cutting and pasting paper together requires dexterity and bilateral coordination.
  • Affordability – Paper isn’t too expensive, and many people have it at home in their very own printer drawer. Packs of cardstock and construction paper is also pretty affordable and comes in large packages so you can always have a supply on hand.
  • Builds Critical Thinking – When your child is creating from a blank slate like a piece of paper they have to think and visualize what they are wanting to make. They need to choose their colors, their spacing, what they want their creation to look like. They have to think through the entire process from start to finish.
  • Builds Confidence – Paper crafting is easy, and there are so many fun things to be made with very little supplies. Kids won’t get overwhelmed and they can focus on their piece of paper and what they need to do with it one step at a time. Some children can get frustrated with art projects, but paper is a familiar and non threatening art supply.
  • Strengthens Geometry Skills – When you are folding or cutting paper your kids are going to have to think about the shapes they are needing to create. They may need to measure things out to make sure they are uniform. These build confidence in math and help to strengthen geometry skills by being exposed to the different shapes and lines while they are creating.

Supplies for Construction Paper Crafts

The supplies for construction paper crafts are usually very simple supplies. All you need is some colored construction paper along with a few other supplies that you may already have at home to create some fun crafts.

If you don’t have these at home a quick trip to the dollar store should be able to get you everything that you need to create some easy crafts at home.

Construction Paper Craft Supplies

Supplies you may need to make a fun craft with construction paper:

  • paper plate
  • pipe cleaners
  • toilet paper roll
  • cotton balls
  • googly eyes
  • glue stick
  • tissue paper
  • white paper (like printer paper)
  • black paint
  • coffee filter

What can I do with a piece of construction paper?

Construction paper is such a great art medium that is inexpensive and easy to use. A great idea is to use construction paper to make placemats out of. Your children can decorate them with the seasons or with whatever theme you are working on. You can them laminate these creations and use them as a placemat.

Fun Ideas for Using Construction Paper

  • Make a chain to countdown a holiday or special event.
  • Create construction paper flowers and tape them to pipe cleaners.
  • Cut out lots of geometric shapes and glue them to a separate piece of paper and create your own picture with the shapes.
  • Make cards out of construction paper and decorate them with stickers or markers.
  • Cut the construction paper into a strip to measure around your head and make a crown or hat from it.
  • Create seasonal themed shapes or animals with construction paper and folding.

How do you make a pumpkin out of construction paper?

Making a pumpkin out of construction paper is an easy way to get your kids excited about the fall season. You will need orange paper and green paper, another sheet of paper to glue your pumpkin onto, a glue stick and scissors.

Trace a shape of a pumpkin for your kids to cut out of orange construction paper. Lay the pumpkin down onto another piece of paper and glue it down. Cute a small rectangle from green construction paper for the stem and glue it down.

Once the pumpkin shape is created your children can decorate it by adding stripes or shading with markers or pens. Another fun idea would be to let your kids draw funny faces onto their pumpkins.

Fall Construction Paper Crafts

If you are looking for some easy fall crafts to do with your kids this fall season you are going to love these simple and inexpensive fall construction paper crafts.

Apple Tree Construction Paper Crafts

Apple Sun Catcher – These sun catchers will look perfect in a window for some Fall decoration and fall colors in your home.

fall apple acorn and pumpkin suncatchers

Construction Paper Apple Trees

Construction Paper Apple Tree – Create an adorable apple tree with a face on it. You can use construction paper for the apples or if your kids want to paint they can paint the apples once they hang them on the tree.

3D Construction Paper Apple Tree – This 3D tree pops right off of the page with long strips of brown construction paper for the branches. Your kids will have a lot of fun putting on the long strips and placing the apples in different spots on the tree.

Fall Tree Construction Paper Crafts

Q – Tip Fall Tree – Cut out the trunk of the tree with brown construction paper and glue it onto white construction paper. Then use q tips and fall colored paint to dot leaves all over the empty branches.

q-tip fall tree

Construction Paper Handprint Tree

Handprint Fall Tree Craft – This unique tree uses your child’s hand as the tree trunk with brown paper. They can then add leaves all over their hand shape to form the tree.

Fall Crafts With Construction Paper

Candy Corn Craft – This cute candy corn craft has a free printable template to make this craft as easy as it can be.

easy candy corn craft

Construction Paper Corn Craft

Easy Corn Craft for Preschool – Corn mazes are a very popular spot to visit during Fall for field trips and family fun. Create your own little corn cob craft with this easy template and construction paper.

Construction Paper Acorn Craft

Cute Acorn Craft for Kids – Acorns fall from the trees during Fall. Your kids will have a lot of fun creating their own little acorn crafts to play with and hang up on display.

Construction Paper Placements

Woven Paper Placemats – Making a woven paper placemat is a great way to use up construction paper scraps and strengthen fine motor skills while lacing by hand.

woven paper placemats

Construction Paper Crafts for Fall

Construction paper crafts are budget friendly and fun for all ages to create with. These crafts are a perfect addition to a seasonal theme in your homeschool.

Pumpkin Construction Paper Crafts

Mosaic Pumpkin Craft – Trace out the shape of a pumpkin onto a piece of paper. Then give your child different shades of orange and brown colored construction paper. Have them tear the paper up into tiny pieces then fill in the pumpkin shape by gluing the torn pieces down.

Folded Paper Pumpkin Craft – Folding paper into an accordion style is a lot of fun for kids and helps to strengthen their fingers. This folded paper pumpkin has great texture and looks really nice when completed.

Easy Rolled Paper Pumpkin Craft – Create a pumpkin with rolled circles. This is a great introduction to paper quilling and is a beautiful handicraft to keep your kids busy.

Turkey Construction Paper Crafts

Easy Fall Leaf Turkey Craft – This is a very easy craft that uses brown construction paper circles and fake leaves from the dollar store.

easy fall leaf turkey craft

Construction Paper Turkey Handprint Card

Construction Paper Turkey Handprint Craft Card – Make the cutest paper turkey with your child’s face and handprints. This customized card would be a great gift for grandparents or family members.

handprint turkey craft

Construction Paper Turkey Handprint Craft

Cute Construction Paper Turkey with Handprints – Easy printable turkey template to cut and paste together. Your kids can use their handprints to create the turkey feathers and practice their cutting skills at the same time.

cute turkey handprint craft

Construction Paper Fall Crafts

Fall construction paper crafts would not be complete without some fun fall leaves paper crafts. Check out these easy construction paper crafts you can do for fall.

Fall Leaves Construction Paper Crafts

Fallen Leaves Craft – This is a beautiful fall craft that can double as art work in your home. Help your kids build their hand strength by hole punching colored construction paper over and over again. Use the construction confetti to decorate the tree.

fun and easy fallen leaves craft

Construction Paper Leaf Garland

Fall Leaf Garland Craft – This is such an easy DIY craft. You can draw the leaf shapes out for your kids or they can draw them and cut them themselves. Add the leaf veins and details with a marker and then tape them to twine and hang up as home decor.

easy diy leaf garland

Fall Colored Flowers Construction Paper Crafts

Construction Paper Flower Bouquet – Create an entire flower bouquet out of construction paper. You can use beautiful dark fall colors and use it as a table centerpiece or decoration.

Giant Paper Sunflower – Sunflowers are such a pretty symbol of end of summer and Fall. These flowers are found in many types of fall themed bouquets. Your kids will have a lot of fun creating their own giant sunflower from construction paper loops.

Fall Paper Crafts

If you are looking for easy fall paper crafts that don’t necessarily use construction paper, check out these fun ideas.

Paper Strip 3D Pumpkin

This paper strip 3D pumpkin is a great paper craft and fall decoration for your children to make. They will enjoy putting the paper strips together to form a 3D paper pumpkin craft that can stand up. It is much easier than it looks you just need to take your glue stick to glue each piece of paper to form the paper pumpkins.

paper strip craft pumpkins

Stamped Half Tone Leaf Gourd Collages

This graphic design pop art style art project is super creative and a great paper craft for Fall. Create colorful leaves and gourds with homemade stamps to replicate the style of a pop art graphic designer.stamped leaf and gourd art

Scarecrow Stick Puppet Craft

Create your own scarecrow stick puppet and homemade paper doll clothes with this free template and printables. These would be fun to use for pretend play to act out stories with or to put in a fall themed sensory bin.

scarecrow paper stick puppet craft

Easy Fall Leaf Craft

Paper leaves look so pretty set out on a fall table. This easy paper leaf craft will be fun for all ages. Paper folding is a nice and relaxing craft that even older kids and adults enjoy. The finished product has a nice streamlined and decorative look to it.

Easy Paper Quilled Thanksgiving Turkey

Paper quilling is a fun and relaxing handicraft activity. Kids of all ages will enjoy creating a cute paper quilled turkey craft by paper quilling the feathers on to the turkey shape.

Fall Fairy Paper Craft

Paper doll puppet crafts are so much fun to play with. Create a fall fairy paper craft that can also be used as a stick puppet. This is the perfect craft for kids to practice paper folding as they make the dress.

Thanksgiving Activities

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  • Turkey Coloring Pages
  • Thanksgiving Dot Painting
  • Easy Thanksgiving Crafts

In Conclusion

Crafts are such a fun activity to add to your learning and unit studies. Fall crafts are a great addition to your studies about Fall, Autumn and even Thanksgiving. There are so many fun craft ideas with themes and color schemes to go along with what you are learning in your homeschool.