Fernandina Paper Co

I am SO beyond honored and thrilled to share the launch of the East Coast Collection with McKenzie from the Fernandina Paper Company!

I started the Daily Three after my second son was born as a simple method way to tackle my to-do’s as a stay at home mom. Each morning, I looked at my newborn and toddler and felt immediately overwhelmed by the list of errands, chores and things I needed to accomplish each day. Instead, I narrowed my list down to three tasks I knew I would be able to focus on and do each day and was able to tackle them with ease. Some days I’d feel up to adding more tasks to my list, others I knew that I had reached my goal of three and done exactly what I had sought out to do – either way, I ended each day feeling like a million bucks.

A few years and many mentions later, lots of you have brought the Daily Three into your own homes and workplaces to help your brains check off your lists and keep you focused throughout the day so I knew it was time to turn it into a tangible thing for us to use.

I reached out to McKenzie, the incredible creator behind the Fernandina Paper Co., a customizable printable paper company, because I knew her keen sense of design would be perfect to bring The Daily Three to life, and that she did.

When I first reached out to her, this is what my idea looked like…

She combined three idyllic New England icons; a boat & tote, anchor & my signature striped t shirt with a set up that put my notebook scraps to shame to create The Daily Three in it’s absolute perfect format.

How Do I Order ?!

The Fernandina Paper Co. is a monthly subscription service to download pretty paper in a pinch! For $14 a month you can download up to 10 different digital paper products each month for great paper goods like gift tags, customized stationery and now The Daily Three!

Once you become a member, you immediately get access to McKenzie’s ENTIRE collection (we’re talking 35 pages) of beautiful printables plus the editing software to adjust the names and fonts to make them fit every style and occasion.

All you have to do is add the paper products you want to customize to your cart. When you’re finished, the shop will prompt you to check out (don’t fret! your total will be $0). Once the order is complete, the downloads will immediately hit your inbox in an email looking like this!

Click the link to activate Templett – a very user friendly software, no design background or fancy equipment required. Once you log in, Templett allows you to adjust the font (hundreds you can see right on hand!) and size SUPER easily.

Tweak until you are happy with your design, click the download button and save the image as a JPEG right to your desktop. Heck, while you’re at it make one for mom! Your best friend! Your neighbor! Everyone gets a notepad!

After you’ve saved your creations, you can then choose to print your creation at home (click here for all of McKenzie’s printing tips & tricks!) or have it printed through a service like Zazzle, Staples, Minted, Shutterfly etc.

We printed the Daily Three via this notepad on Zazzle – the top is glued, it’s the perfect size and SUPER easy to pop your image right in and get it printed!

When you’ve run out of sheets, guess what! You’ve already got the template ready to go and you just place the image right back into your Zazzle order for a refill! Quick & easy!

If you have questions about accessing the files, where to send to print & how this all works, pass them along! We both would love to help you.

I hope you love these as much as we do!!