Flower Wafer Paper

Guide to making wafer paper daisies

In this step-by-step tutorial, Winifred brings you through how to create these delicate looking mini daisies in just a few simple steps!

Tools you’ll need

Flatlay of tools needed for making wafer paper flowers

  • A pair of craft scissors
  • A dry dusting brush for dusting
  • A mini brush for the edible glue
  • A toothpick
  • Egg whites
  • Wafer paper glue
  • Vodka (in a spray bottle)
  • Pliers
  • 26g white floral wire
  • Some edible dust colours
  • Wafer paper
  • Pale yellow gumpaste


Prepare gumpaste1. Cut the 26g wire into halves or thirds and use the plier to bend the end of the wire into a little hook. Prepare the amount of gumpaste as shown and roll it into a mini ball.

Insert mini hook into gumpaste

2. Dip the mini hook into the egg whites, tap off the excess, and push it into the gumpaste ball. Ensure that you close the hole caused by the insertion by pinching your index finger and thumb in this manner.

Create centre of the daisy

3. To create the centre of the daisy, turn the gumpaste ball around and use a toothpick to make random indentations.

Leave gumpaste to dry

4. This is what it should look like when it’s done. Leave the ball to dry for at least 1 – 2 hours, making sure that the gumpaste is completely dry before you move on to the next step.


You can make these daisy centres one day before and finish the remaining steps the next day.

Thread circular shape through wire

5. Next, cut a tiny circular shape out of wafer paper and thread it through the wire until it reaches the bottom of the daisy centre.

Glue circular shape to the gumpaste

6. Add some wafer paper glue to the circular cut out and adhere it to the gumpaste. This helps the wafer paper petals to adhere to the daisy centre more easily in the later steps.

Bottom of the daisy

The wafer paper cut out should be well adhered to the bottom of the daisy centre when you’re done.

Attach petals to the daisy

7. Cut out mini teardrop shaped wafer paper (these will be the petals) and start attaching them to the center of the daisy (Winifred usually attaches 5 – 6 petals around the daisy centre).

Side view of wafer paper daisy

This is how the flower will look after you’re done with the petals. They can be more opened or angled at 45° like this one here.

This will be your first layer of petals. You can choose to stop here or continue adding another layer for more visual interest (see below).

Wafer paper daisy with more petals

In the picture above, Winifred has added a few more petals below the first layer to add more dimension to the flower.

Close up of wafer paper daisy with more petals

This is how the daisy will look from the side.

Spray daisy with vodka spray

8. The petals are looking a little flat at this point. To counter this issue, use the vodka spray to give it 1 – 2 sprays from a distance.


Avoid spraying too much vodka as we only need enough liquid for the petals to become soft and pliable for you to bend them. Wafer paper is extremely sensitive to liquid and adding too much will drench your flower, potentially destroying it.

Bend petals of wafer paper daisy

9. Once the petals become soft and pliable, use your fingers to gently bend it backwards. This helps to give the entire flower more character by introducing some movement in the petals.

Colour the centre of the daisy

10. Mix the edible dust colours that you’ve chosen to achieve an orangey-yellow shade. Once you’re done, use your brush to gently tap on the daisy centre to transfer the colours over.


Dusting your flowers is important as it helps to give it more life and look more realistic.

Cut out a star shape and colour it green

11. Cut out a mini starfish shape to create the calyx and colour it with a green tone.


Mix edible gel colors with vodka to achieve a paintable consistency.

Bend the calyx

12. Just like what you’ve to the daisy petals, use your fingers to bed the calyx to curl it before it dries out. Attach this to the bottom of your daisy and you’re done!


Use the same green to paint your wire to gussy it up as the stem of your flowers.

Bunch of wafer paper daisies

And that’s it!

Hope you like this tutorial! If you’ve attempted making these flowers, tag us on Instagram (@winifredkristecake) so we can see your beautiful wafer paper daisies!