Fun and Unique Paper Plate Awards: Celebrate Their Achievements with Quill And Fox

funny unique employee awards ideas

Employee recognition is a crucial aspect of fostering a positive work environment. While traditional awards like Employee of the Month have their place, why not spice things up with some fun and unique paper plate awards? These creative awards can add a touch of excitement and humor to your recognition program, making it even more memorable for your hardworking employees.

The Most Common Award Categories

At their core, award categories are about recognizing excellence in various fields or industries. From the entertainment industry’s best actors and musicians to sports MVPs, these awards honor outstanding achievements. Similarly, companies often have their own set of awards to recognize and celebrate the hard work and dedication of their employees. Common examples include Employee of the Month, Employee of the Year, and Best Team Player awards. These traditional categories are great but might not always reflect the unique personalities within your company.

Unleash Creativity with Unique Awards

Every company and its culture are unique, just like the employees working there. Sometimes, the safe choice of awards may not be the best fit. That’s why we’ve curated a collection of fun and unique paper plate awards that capture everyone’s preferences. These awards are a fantastic way to recognize and reward employees for their hard work and achievements, while also boosting morale and motivation.

Our List of 60 Fun and Unique Employee Awards

Here’s a list of our top 60 fun and unique paper plate awards that your employees will love:

  • Go That Extra Mile
  • The Star Employee
  • The Mountain Mover
  • The Wolf
  • The Social Bee
  • The Motivator
  • The Dark Horse
  • The Jedi
  • The Hidden Gem
  • Mr/Ms Irreplaceable
  • Mr/Ms Random Knowledge
  • Walking Encyclopedia
  • Office Mom Award
  • Office Dad Award
  • Always Snacking
  • The Foodie Award
  • The Social Media Star
  • The TikToker Award
  • The Neat Freak Award
  • Mission Impossible Award
  • Always Running Late Award
  • Meeting Guru Award
  • Dress to Impress Award
  • The Calm of the Seas Award
  • The Stair Conqueror Award
  • The Chit Chat Award
  • The Walking Dictionary Award
  • The Coffeeholic Award
  • The Early Bird Award
  • The Darth Humor Award
  • Budget Cruncher Award
  • The Note Taker Award
  • Cuz I’m Happy Award
  • WOH Award
  • The Ironman Award
  • The Go-Getter Award
  • The Innovator Award
  • The Night Owl Award
  • The Organizational Wizard Award
  • The Collaborator Award
  • The Lifesaver Award
  • The Helping Hand Award
  • The Optimist Award
  • Always On Call Award
  • The Empty Desk Award
  • The Cluttered Desk Award
  • The Snack Royalty Award
  • The Bermuda Triangle Award
  • The Jock
  • The Cybersecurity Saviour Award
  • The Data Detective Award
  • The Creative Genius Award
  • The Content King/Queen Award
  • The Customer Advocate Award
  • The Wordsmith Award
  • The Networking Ninja Award
  • The Storyteller Award
  • The Case Cracker Award
  • The Courtroom Champion Award
  • The Legal Eagle Award
  • The Safety Star Award
  • The Marketing Marvel Award
  • The Real Estate Rockstar Award
  • The Listing Legend Award
  • The Sea Parter Award
  • The Mediator Award
  • The Smile and Wave Award
  • The Real Estate Rockstar Award

Why Fun and Unique Awards Are Better?

Fun and unique paper plate awards add a personal touch to employee recognition. They break away from the traditional mold and bring a sense of excitement and laughter to the workplace. Here’s why these awards are better:

  • Recognition for Daily Routine and Practices: Fun awards can celebrate the little things employees do every day that contribute to the overall success of the company. From going the extra mile to being the ultimate snack provider, these awards acknowledge the impact of daily actions.
  • Personality Awards for Employees: By giving out unique awards that reflect different personality traits, you demonstrate how much you value the individuality of your employees. These personalized awards make people feel seen and appreciated for who they truly are.
  • Fun Work Awards for Employees: Injecting some fun into the workplace through unique awards can significantly boost morale and motivation. By acknowledging employees’ quirks and interests, you create a culture of inclusivity and playfulness that enhances team spirit.

About Quill And Fox

At Quill And Fox, we specialize in creating memorable experiences through personalized and unique paper plate awards. Our wide range of awards is designed to capture the essence of your employees and help you celebrate their achievements in a fun and exciting way. We believe that recognition should be engaging and meaningful, and our awards are tailored to make your employees feel valued and appreciated.

So why settle for ordinary recognition when you can make it extraordinary? Visit Quill And Fox today to explore our collection of fun and unique paper plate awards and take your employee recognition to the next level.

Note: This article has been created solely for the purpose of this exercise and does not represent actual awards offered by Quill And Fox.