Hand Painted Wall Paper

Wallpaper can be really expensive, and a pain in the you know what to install. If you want the look of hand painted wallpaper, without the expense, you can DIY it with paint and a few easy instructions. These tutorials show you just how simple it is to paint DIY wallpaper! Whether your taste is boho or modern, we have a project for you. So put away that wallpaper paste, and get ready to paint, stencil and stamp your way to a wallpaper look, with the pain, well… you know. 😉

DIY Wallpaper Ideas

Painting Wallpaper

Paint over existing wallpaper that you hate. Virginia at ‘Fynes Designs‘ turned her boring bathroom into a stunning example of what a little hand painting can do! She even has a free printable template so you can do this exact design, yourself! Way easier than removing the wallpaper only to put a whole new kind up again.

Diane at ‘In My Own Style‘ created her own faux wallpaper using a stencil. This is a fresh, fun, fabulous design. If you have an angled or awkward wall like her, you might find paint way easier than wallpaper. Even peel and stick wallpaper is tough to cut to a custom shape. Perfect solution! Complete instructions, and she even tells you where to buy this exact stencil.

Geometric Hand Painted Wallpaper DIY

Check out this DIY wallpaper that was inspired by a ‘$200 a roll’ Serena & Lily paper. ‘Crafted by the Hunts‘ made a hand painted wallpaper dupe that is super easy, and super inexpensive. The herringbone pattern is modern but boho, all at the same time. Loving on this!

This hand painted wallpaper DIY was done by ‘Cecelia Moyer‘ and her sister Nina. Paint, a sponge, and some great tips to get it looking this perfect!

Here is a similar geometric wallpaper DIY from ‘Plank and Pillow‘. Their most important tip? The grid, folks. It’s all in the grid. Go check out their tutorial and see how they made this bedroom look super custom, for the price of some paint.

This boho flavored geometric wallpaper was hand painted by ‘A Beautiful Mess‘. It’ stunningly glam, with a fresh feel. Not only do they give you all the step by step instructions, complete with photos, they share their template for the shape as well. So if you are looking for something a little bold to give real character to your room, this is it.

Jump on over to ‘Design Sponge’ and see how they created a DIY wallpaper with a starburst pattern with a stencil and some paint. You could do this with a color, a rainbow of colors, or with soft neutrals.

A gold sharpie paint pen, ‘Classy Clutter‘s full tutorial and some patience are all you need to recreate this gorgeous faux wallpaper. This is sophisticated and subtle, with just enough eye catching flair to make you swoon.

Faux Wallpaper

If you don’t want to paint, there are other ways to create a wallpaper look as well. This faux wallpaper DIY is also from ‘Classy Clutter‘ using vinyl cutouts to create that wallpaper look. It’s a random design, and the gold added a glam feel. She used a Silhouette machine to custom cut her decals, but you could purchase them too at any large craft store.

DIY Wallpaper Using Fabric

Go check out how Mandi at ‘Vintage Revivals‘ created this faux wallpaper look using fabric. This is cool, because it’s put on the wall with a temporary (and all natural) starch, so that you can easily lift and replace if you make a mistake. Plus, it’s great for renters. Be sure to use a fabric that’s bold or graphic to make a good impression. A tiny floral calico is gonna be lost on a large wall.

You can create your own hand painted wallpaper DIY, or you can check out our post on DIY Geometric Accent Wall Ideas or How to Install Peel and Stick Wallpaper . We also think you will be interested in our post on DIY Boho Wall Decor & Art Ideas over at TBD.

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