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Hi everyone, it’s Andrea from The Cottage Market. Today I have another quick and easy DIY for you and I really think you are going to enjoy it…we are going to do do DIY Packing Tape Transfers, this is a great technique for transferring onto glass. In case you haven’t done them before and are a little hesitant…do not fear…I just learned and guess what? It really works and it really is easy! What I really like about them is that there are a million and one uses for them. Our examples are on glass so you can see how they are transparent but I know that you will love using them to decorate a package to making a label for a canister! I used black and white but it does work with color also…the one thing you have to remember is that you MUST use prints that are either LASER or TONER based. You can visit The Printable Transfer Section for these graphics and MANY others that are perfect for this project. If you don’t have that printer you can always go to your local office supply store and get your prints made for pennies on the dollar : ) Let’s go see how we do this…

DIY Packing Tape Transfers

How to Transfer Images onto Glass

You will need Heavy Duty Packing Tape (you can use regular…but the heavy duty tape works better and is easier to work with), scissors, a burnisher (you can purchase one or use a craft stick), images of choice and your vessels.

How to Transfer Images onto Glass

After you trim your image it is time to apply the packing tape…remember one important thing…whatever is white will be transparent. Just lie your image down and center the package tape over it evenly and press. Then cut the tape.

Packing tape plus glass votives photo

Now it is time to burnish it…make sure to press heavily over the entire space it is very important. I went over it a few times to be sure…from corner to corner…end to end to insure a great finished product.

Bird and Wreath Transfer Image with smoothing tool

Now get yourself a bowl with very warm water in it and place your packing tape burnished image into the bowl and allow to soak about 2-3 minutes.

Transfer in bowl of water

Then removed it from the bowl and place it in between your thumb and index finger and begin to rub back and forth with force…you will see the paper coming off…continue to dip it into the water and keep working it till all the white is off. DO NOT WORRY about the sticky side…it will be just like new when it dries. Also there might be a tiny bit of white residue on your tape…that too is ok : )

Rubbing off the paper backing

Now that all the paper is removed…place it on a flat surface and allow it to dry.

Transfers after rubbing off paper

Once the stickers are dry it is time to apply them to your surface…it couldn’t be easier…it goes on just like a sticker…it is that easy! Make sure to smooth it nicely. If you have stickers that you are not going to use…just place them on wax paper for another day.

Image transfers on glass votives

Dress us any glass piece you have…clear or color! I was thinking of making small ones all different and using them as wine glass charms…just place them on the glasses and then remove them at the end of the night when you do the dishes. They are so inexpensive you can choose new graphics each time you have a party! Dress up a package…label your canisters…with all of the graphics at The Graphics Fairy you can have different graphics for years!

Round glass votives with Birds

You can make tiny ones for small votives or you can double your package tape making sure that the edges but and cover the entire image for larger ones. SOOOOO many possibilities!

Packing Tape Transfers DIY

Sure hope you have tons of fun with these packing tape transfers…the more you do it the better you get at it!!! I will see you again really soon and if you want to visit in the mean time…come and see me over at The Cottage Market…it’s where I hang out. Here’s wishing you all a very HAPPY…Safe…Wonderful…Loving…Compassionate…Healthy NEW YEAR!!


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