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The International Paper Company (IP) is a public pulp and paper company based in the United States. It is considered to be the world’s largest pulp and paper company. The headquarters of The International Paper Company is situated in Memphis, Tennessee has employed around 56,000 people. On January 31, 1898, the company was formed by the merger of 17 pulp and paper mills in the northeastern United States. Also, do check here for the other details like Macy’s Employee Login and SAIL Employee Login.

International Paper

The International Paper Company (IP) used to be the largest manufacturer of plastic lids and paper cups, producing for fast-food companies. Such as McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and Subway, but on January 2, 2018, its consumer packaging division was sold to Graphic Packaging.

In 2007, it sold its wood products business to West Fraser Timber Co. Ltd., a Vancouver, British Columbia-based firm. Printer and copier paper, envelopes, corrugated packaging, and pulp are all produced by the company.

my IP employee login procedures

For logging into the International Paper my IP employee portal, follow the given steps;

  • Go to the login page of the International Paper (IP) employee portal
  • Now enter your username and password.
  • Then click on sign-in option.

How to register yourself as a supplier in International Paper (IP) portal?

To get yourself registered as a supplier in International Paper (IP) portal, follow the given steps;

  • First, you need to go to the supplier registration portal.
  • Now enter your company name and country.
  • After the successful completion of the entire registration process, you will be registered as a supplier in International Paper (IP).

The vision and mission of IP

The vision of the International Paper (IP) company is to be one of the world’s most profitable, sustainable, and responsible businesses.

The mission of the International Paper (IP) company is to make people’s lives better, the environment, and the success of our business by transforming renewable energy into goods that people rely on on a daily basis.

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VISION 2020 is a project of The International Papers (IP). With a 2010 baseline, the company assessed and reported on 12 voluntary targets aimed at enhancing our effect on people and the environment. Many of their goals were met or exceeded. They were working on identifying the company’s next set of priorities, which resulted in increasingly positive outcomes for trees, people, and the environment.

The major goals of VISION 2020 were;

Fiber Certification which succeeded with a progress of 47% increase in certified fiber volume.

Recycling succeeded with a progress of 63% increase in recovery of OCC.

Safety which succeeded with a progress of 65% reduction in serious safety incidents.

Community Engagementwhich succeeded with the progress of more than $134 million donated to charitable organizations since 2010, including more than $21 million in 2019.

The energy succeeded with a progress of 5% improvement in purchased energy efficiency.

The progress which succeeded with the progress of EvolvedSupplier Code of Conduct to Third Party Code of Conduct to include all third parties across the supply chain and expanded risk monitoring processes.

Water Stewardship which succeeded with the progress of the Updated water risk framework and continued annual facility assessments; 70% of mills engage local stakeholders on water.

Fiber Efficiencywhich succeeded with the progress of 0.63% fiber loss from reporting mills.

GHG Emissionswhich succeeded with a progress of 22% reduction in GHG emissions.

Air Emissionswhich succeeded with a progress of 49% reduction in air emissions.

Water Qualitywhich succeeded with a progress 28% decrease in oxygen-depleting substances.

Solid Waste succeeded with a progress 19% reduction in manufacturing waste to landfills.


VISION 2030 is another project of The International Papers (IP). International Paper’s contribution to a sustainable future for people, the world, and our business is called Vision 2030.

Main objectives of VISION 2030

FORESTS THAT ARE Safe AND ABUNDANT: Take the lead in global forest stewardship activities.

SUCCESSIVE PEOPLE AND COMMUNITIES: Strengthen the sustainability of our societies by promoting employee well-being by offering healthy, compassionate, and inclusive workplaces.

OPERATING IN A SUSTAINABLE MANNER: Improve our effect on the environment and promote water stewardship.

SOLUTIONS THAT ARE RECYCLABLE: Using creative fibre-based materials, hasten the transition to a lower-carbon economy.

The priorities of Vision 2030 will assist the company in achieving long-term results for individuals, societies, the environment, and our customers.

What all are the products created by the company International Papers (IP)?

The production of the company’s International Papers (IP) includes;

  • Packaging that protects and promotes commodities, facilitates global trade and keeps customers healthy.
  • Pulp for diapers, tissues, and other health-promoting personal hygiene products.
  • Papers that make it easier to learn and communicate.

Frequently Asked Questions (faqs)

What is the aim of International Paper’s Supplier Diversity programme?

Our supplier diversity initiative is essential to our company’s goals, so committed to it and support it. Supplier diversity is a value-added approach at International Paper that ensures our customers receive high-quality goods and services. We acknowledge that supplier diversity goes beyond our commitment to being a good corporate citizen and that a diverse supplier base is an essential component of our supply chain.

Is it possible to enrol in the supplier database if I am not certified as a diverse business or if I self-certify?

This database is for suppliers who are trained, accredited, and diverse. In order to complete registration, suppliers must upload a copy of their diversity certificate.

International Papers Contact Information

If you need to contact International Papers, you can go to the official website of IP. Now scroll down and click on the option Contact us. You now directed to the page where you can fill out a form with your inquiry and submit it.

6400 Poplar AveMemphis, TN 3819