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“You can buy an ordinary trimmer, or you can invest in a Rotatrim.”

At Rotatrim, we offer the best paper trimmers and cutters on the market. As well as cutting equipment and accessories. Our team is dedicated to supplying industry-leading cutting options. But what is a paper trimmer?

Here are some examples of the industry-leading paper trimmers we offer at Rotatrim. As well as some of the situations they are most useful in:

Mastercut MC Series

This series of precision paper trimmers include a variety of different sizes of cutting equipment. Like all of our paper trimmers, this range is designed and hand-built in the UK by highly skilled technicians. This means you are guaranteed the highest quality paper trimmer available.

The trimmers range from A4 to A0. A Mastercut MCA4 is the smallest option from this series we offer. It is able to cut materials up to 350mm in length and can comfortably fit an A4 landscape. It will also cut a wide range of flexible materials up to a thickness of 2mm.

Here are some benefits and characteristics of our Mastercut MC range:

Pro M Paper Trimmer Series

Our range of pro paper trimmers are built for continuous use every day. This makes them ideal for industries where they are a big part of everyday functioning. We offer a broad range of sizes to suit as many people as possible.

From our Pro12 which can cut materials up to 305mm in length and 3mm in thickness. To our Pro54 trimmer which cuts a range of materials up to 1374mm in length and 1.5mm in thickness. For more information on what pro trimmer is right for you, get in touch with us today.

Benefits from our Pro paper trimmer range include:

Technical T Series Trimmer

Our Technical T Series of paper trimmers are ideal for stronger materials. It is a heavy-duty and precise paper cutting machine. But it is very adaptable and dynamic, it can cut anything from headboard to tissue paper without adjusting any settings.

This trimmer is ideal for a range of uses. From learning environments to industrial applications. Here are some of the features of this type of paper trimmer:

DigiTech+ DT Series Trimmer

This paper trimmer is designed specifically for the large format printing industry. We ensure they are perfect for this type of industry with a strong design. Without sacrificing precision results. This range is able to cut materials as small as A2 all the way up to large 4A0 pieces of materials.

Here are some other exclusive benefits of this paper trimmer range:

FoamTech FT Series Trimmer

This is a large paper cutter which is capable of cutting a range of different materials. In a variety of different sizes, from A2 all the way to 4A0. Here are some examples of the high-quality aspects of this trimmer range:

PowerTech PT650 Trimmer

This is a powered paper trimmer that has manual and electrical options. You can use this paper trimmer with a foot pedal operation. While it has two machine speed variants – normal: 0.5mm/sec and high: 1mm/sec.

The normal speed has more torque and is more effective at trimmer heavier, thicker materials. The high-speed option is more efficient at cutting lighter materials, typically up to 1mm. All PowerTech trimmers come with a foot-pedal and mains power cable. As well as a spare cutting wheel. To give you as many options as possible when using your professional trimmer.

What is a Paper Trimmer?

When you’re searching for a paper trimmer you may accidentally search for a paper guillotine. However, a paper guillotine uses a blade that drops down from a height. Clearly, not the most efficient or effective way of trimming paper.

A Rotatrim paper trimmer uses a circular blade that slides from side-to-side to cut the paper. At Rotatrim, we supply a range of high-quality paper cutting machine’s. Including our Mastercut MC, pro, technical, and straight edge series.

Paper trimmer machines come in various sizes. But it doesn’t have to be difficult to find the right paper cutter for your requirements. To find the right paper cutting machine for you, first, you have to know what a paper trimmer does:

What Does a Paper Trimmer do?

A good quality paper trimmer is a cutting device that allows you to trim the paper to your exact measurements. It does this by having a blade on a track that slides in a horizontal line. It is a tool ideal for use in offices, warehouses, and classrooms.

It is the perfect tool for cutting or trimming paper as well as card & other types of craft paper. To find the right paper trimmer for your requirements, give us a call today.

Our friendly and specialist team are experts in all forms of cutting equipment. They will be happy to go through all your options with you, to ensure you find the right paper trimmer for the job.

If you want more information on what paper cutting machine is right for you, give us a call today:

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