Large Paper Lanterns

Decorate Your Event Ceiling With Fun Hanging Paper Lanterns

Elevate your party supplies with the help of perfectly priced paper lanterns. From solid color finds to exclusive designs, hanging paper lanterns are a simple and affordable way to add a dash of celebration excitement to your party supply aesthetic. Whether you’re throwing a backyard patio party or hosting a milestone celebration in a large event space, paper lanterns are a must-have addition to any collection of party decorations.

No matter your event size or budget, there’s no doubt that hanging paper lanterns add an instant burst of “party” to any occasion ambiance. Are hanging paper lanterns not on your party supply list just yet? If not, take a look at our collection of over 350 lantern options to shop tons of affordable, fun options. Shop gold, silver, white, red, blue, yellow, green and pink solid-colored options or opt for one of our exclusive, trending designs. Regardless, when you shop our selection, you’ll find something that’s sure to pair perfectly with your party supplies or party theme. The great thing about hanging paper lanterns is they’re very versatile. Hang them indoors or outdoors! If you’re hoping to create magnificent ceiling décor with the help of paper lanterns, you’re in luck, as we have tons of inspiration when it comes to decorating ideas. If you’re hosting a big celebration in a large event space, stock up on solid colored lanterns that match your party decorations. Then pick a lantern with a fun design, such as polka dots, stars or stripes, to add as a decorative accent. Simply hang these on the ceiling in your event space, at various lengths.

To Create Focal Points A Your Celebration, Make A Cluster Of Hanging Paper Lanterns Or Hang Them On String Lights

To draw attention to a particular area, such as a head table, food table, drink bar or dance floor, simply create a thick cluster of paper lanterns above the desired area. It’s an aesthetically pleasing way to visually guide guests to where specific areas within the event space are located. If you’re hosting a garden party or backyard barbeque event, hoist up some string lights and then attach your lanterns to the string lights. This super simple party decoration is sure to light guests up with excitement. The best part? You can keep your hanging lanterns to reuse for future events or add to your home décor. For a post-party tip, keep your Chinese paper lanterns and hang a few in the corner of a nursery or child’s bedroom. The great thing about paper lanterns is that you don’t have to illuminate them! If you feel like keeping them unlit and simply using them for a décor piece, do that! Although, we do recommend illuminating your lanterns if you’re hosting a summer backyard party, as it creates a fun party atmosphere!

The Best Party Lanterns

  • Superhero Hanging Paper Lanterns
  • Patriotic Flag Hanging Paper Lanterns
  • Little Fisherman Hanging Paper Lanterns
  • White Hanging Paper Lanterns
  • Pineapple Hanging Paper Lanterns
  • Bright Hanging Paper Lanterns
  • White & Gold Patterned Hanging Paper Lanterns
  • Medium Paper Lanterns

Hanging Lanterns Make Smart Classroom Decorations

There’s no doubt there’s a correlation between student engagement and creative learning environments. Enter: Hanging Paper Lanterns. Not your traditional classroom decorations, hanging lanterns are a great way to freshen up existing classroom décor and teacher supplies. Hoist a cluster of hanging paper lanterns above a reading corner or learning center within the classroom to signify specific areas within the learning space. Or, if you’re looking for a fun back-to-school activity for students to partake in, use paper lanterns to create a fun craft, such as DIY hanging paper lantern apples. Just stock up on red, green and yellow paper lanterns, some felt and tissue paper. Then, have each student cut out a leaf shape from the felt and create a stem from the tissue paper by rolling the tissue paper together. Next, have each student attach the stem and the leaf to the top of a lantern. Last, display each student’s creation above their assigned seat for all the class to see! You could even have each student decorate a small piece of paper with their name and then attach that to each apple lantern so student’s can learn their peer’s names.

Create An Adorably Affordable Animal Out Of A Hanging Paper Lantern

Whether it be for a unique craft activity for a kid’s birthday party or a camp craft, animal hanging paper lanterns are super easy and affordable to create! Just stock up on our foam shapes, markers and other craft supplies and embellishments to make your very own animal paper lanterns! Stock up on our pink paper lanterns to create pigs or stock up on our yellow lanterns to create lions. Perfect for a zoo-themed classroom or party, have kiddos create an animal by attaching foam shapes and other craft supplies to the lantern to create their very own cute critter. If you’re hosting an under the sea themed birthday party, have the kids create different sea creatures, such as fish, octopus and jellyfish. Then display their craft at the party and then let them take their creation home as a party favor. The cool thing about animal lanterns is the options are endless when it comes to creating different kinds of animals! Of course, you’ll need fun craft supplies and embellishments to make your critters come alive, so be sure to shop our site for all sorts of DIY craft supplies and deals!