Paper Airplane Tatoo

So, you want to get a Paper Airplane Tattoo?

I can still remember getting into trouble for tearing pages from my exercise books to make paper airplanes. But it was so much fun making and flying them. You would hardly find anyone who didn’t play with paper airplanes in their childhood. It brings back, so many memories and childhood memories are one of the happiest memories of our lives. As a kid, we had nothing to care or worry about anything. Life was carefree and fun. A paper airplane tattoo is an excellent reminder of all that and more. That’s why paper airplane tattoos hold special meanings for many people.

Meaning of Paper Airplane Tattoos

Tattoos are all about expressing yourself, and the meanings of your tattoo is what you want it to be. People can have the same tattoos with different meanings. Paper Airplane tattoos hold much significance to many people. When I think about paper airplane tattoos, the words that come in my mind first are fun, carefree, and adventure.

Love for Traveling

Instead of getting a regular airplane tattoo, many people get a paper airplane tattoo to express their love for traveling. Traveling is a passion for many people, and what is the best way to show that than a paper airplane tattoo?

Carefree Nature

A paper airplane tattoo can also signify your carefree nature. When you throw a paper airplane in the air, the wind takes it away whichever way it blows. Just like a paper airplane, you throw yourself into this life and let life guides you to where you need to be.

Reminder of Childhood Memories

A paper airplane can take us back to our childhood. I can still remember when I used to fly paper airplanes with my friends in school on our lunch breaks or even in the classroom. Those memories are very precious to me. A paper airplane tattoo can bring back memories and a great way to remind yourself of your childhood. Not many tattoos can do that, and that is priceless.

Love for Aviation

To most people, the sky is the limit. To those who love aviation, the air is home. A lot of people get a paper airplane tattoo to show their love for aviation. Especially people who work in aviation often get paper airplane tattoos rather than an original plane since the design of a paper airplane is artier and more fun.


Origami is very popular in Japanese culture. Like most origami in Japan, the paper airplane has its meaning. It means “throwing yourself,” which is very similar to the western phrase “go where the wind blows.” Paper airplane is one of the most used subjects for origami tattoos.

A paper airplane tattoo can also be a great reminder to keep moving in life.

Paper Airplane Tattoo with Shadow Meaning

Paper airplane tattoo with shadow is trending now. The meaning of it can be profound. People are always too quick to judge and don’t see the real you. How people see you is not who you are. Most people get a shadow of a jet plane or a fighter jet with the paper airplane tattoos. The shadow of a paper airplane represents one’s true self and potentials.

Placements for Paper Airplane Tattoos

You can place a paper airplane tattoo anywhere that you like. However, depending on the design and size of the tattoo there are particular places where a tattoo looks more appealing than other.

For small paper airplane tattoos the best placements are:

  • Ankle
  • Arm
  • Wrist
  • Shoulder Blades

For larger paper airplane tattoos, the best placements are:

  • Chest
  • Calf
  • Forearm

Paper Airplane Tattoo Designs

Paper airplane tattoos are very popular for their simple design. You can incorporate a paper airplane tattoo with many things like a globe, heart, shadow, clouds, etc. The placement also determines the size of your tattoo. So before getting a paper airplane tattoo, it’s a good idea to think about where do you want to put it and what type of design you want to get.

Paper Airplane Tattoo with Heart

Paper Airplane Tattoo with Shadow

These tattoos hold a very special meaning to many people as some people get them as a memorial tattoo.

Paper Airplane Tattoos on Ankle

Ankle is a great spot for small tattoos.

Paper Airplane Tattoos on Arm

on the arm the best spot for a paper airplane tattoo is near the elbow.

Paper Airplane Tattoo on Forearms

Forearms allows you to be more creative with your paper airplane tattoo. You can incorporate other elements or get a bigger tattoo.

Paper Airplane Tattoos on Wrist

Paper Airplane Tattoos with Quotes

People usually add a quote or a phase with their paper airplane tattoos as a reminder of something very special to them. Most popular are “explore,” “adventure,” “open your mind,” etc.

Matching Paper Airplane Tattoos

Paper Airplane Tattoos on Shoulder

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