Paper Bag Snowflake Patterns

In this tutorial, I’m showing you how to make large, quick, easy, and affordable paper bag snowflakes using lunch bags. I’m also turning one of them into a 3D paper snowflake lantern using fairy lights.If you’ve been following me for a while then you know that I love snowflakes. I recently made the snowflake canvas art and a couple of years ago I made fanned posterboard snowflakes for our tree decor with a free downloadable cutting file.

I love how easy these large paper bag snowflakes are to make and they are the perfect last-minute decor and craft to do with your family before Christmas.

step-by-step instructions

Start out by gluing the 9 lunch bags together. The glue line looks like a T as shown in the below image. One thin line at the bottom of the bag and one line going up the center of the bag.

Below you can see the first bag with the clear glue drawn on in an upside-down t-shape.

Place the second bag on top of that bag of the glue line and keep repeating until all the bags are stacked and glued. It is very important to make sure that all the bags line up in the same direction, meaning all the open ends on one side and the bottom folded part on the other side facing in one direction. They are usually already lined up like that in the manufacturer’s bag.

You can use clothing pins, clips, or little clamps to keep the center glue line tight on the entire stack. However, the clips are optional since I’ve also done them without and it works fine. You can also use something heavy as a weight to make sure everything glues together nicely.

Open up the paper bag fan to make sure the bags separate and open properly before you get to the cutting part.

You can also use a stapler to secure some of the top edges

Draw on the snowflake pattern as shown on the front of the bag.

Cut the snowflake pattern with strong scissors. If you are doing this with kids then they might need help with this step.

It is ok to cut a few layers of the bags at a time if you can’t cut them all at once.

Here is one option of how you can cut the pattern. You can also round the top or add other nudges to the sides.

While I have seen others cut a design into the folded bottom area, I recommend not doing that since those tend to fall apart easier.

Fan the snowflake out into a 3D shape and attach the edges with a stapler.

Photos of finished paper bag snowflakes

I have made them 4 years in a row and have become an expert at making them.

The fairy lights add an extra touch of sparkle.

My DIY pampas grass Christmas fits right in with the color scheme.

Small and large white paper bags were used in our kitchen to mix them among the brown paper bags.

Ideas to change the look of the snowflakes

I recently added gingerbread designs to them the same way as my gingerbread Christmas ornaments.

Some pattern ideas:

You can see more photos in my home tour with gingerbread decor.

You can use large brown paper shopping bags to make a giant snowflake and you only need 5 bags for that.

brown shopping bag paper snowflake hanging on curtain rod

Now you can see why I became the paper bag snowflake expert, right?

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I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Happy Holidays!