The Adventurous World of Paper Box Pilots

paper box pilots 1

Remember the days when you could transform an everyday cardboard box into a magical vehicle? Well, 13-year-old Noah Cahoon took that childhood joy to the next level by introducing the Sharks to Paper Box Pilots in episode 606 of Shark Tank. With his dad, Brian, and little brother Milo as part of the team, Noah presented his imaginative kit for converting old paper boxes into airplanes and race cars.

A Dream Takes Flight

Noah’s inspiration for Paper Box Pilots began when he was just like Milo’s age. His dad would help him create paper box planes, and Noah would unleash his creativity by drawing instruments and decorations on them. As time went on, he started printing images and taping them onto the boxes to make them even more realistic. That’s when the lightbulb moment struck – the idea for Paper Box Pilots was born.

Let the Adventure Begin

Paper Box Pilots is not just a regular sticker kit; it’s an invitation to a world of endless imagination. The kit comes with everything a young aviation enthusiast needs to transform a plain cardboard box into a fire engine, airplane, or race car. Each kit includes easy-to-follow instructions and costs only $7.99, making it an affordable and exciting activity for kids.

Soaring to New Heights

Noah and his dad, fueled by their love for creativity and their entrepreneurial spirit, designed a set of professionally printed stickers to decorate paper box vehicles. In the summer of 2013, Paper Box Pilots hit the market, quickly gaining popularity. Today, they ship their kits internationally, bringing joy to kids around the world.

Flying into the Shark Tank

When Noah, Brian, and little Milo entered the Shark Tank, they were seeking $35,000 in exchange for a 25% stake in their business. The Sharks were intrigued, but some had reservations. Mark thought their beautifully designed boxes set unrealistic expectations, while Lori doubted its scalability. However, Mr. Wonderful saw the potential and offered $35,000 for 50% of the business, with the condition that they include the box itself.

Navigating the Skies of Success

After careful consideration, Noah decided to team up with Mr. Wonderful, Kevin, due to his extensive experience in the toy industry. This partnership proved to be fruitful, as sales skyrocketed following their appearance on Shark Tank. The business flourished for a while before Noah eventually pursued his dreams and enrolled in college.

Looking Ahead

Noah’s entrepreneurial spirit continues to shine, and he has even ventured into freelance photography. While Paper Box Pilots may no longer be in operation, its legacy lives on as a testament to the power of imagination and creativity.

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