How to Create Stunning Glittered Paper Mache Deer Decorations

DIY glitter paper mache deer in front of a bokeh background

I have a confession to make: I own an embarrassingly large collection of glitter. But here’s the thing – crafting with glitter can be a messy business. I’m sure you’ve experienced the difference between a regular mess and a “glitter mess.” It’s enough to give anyone a panic attack. However, fear not! I’ve discovered some tricks to help you create glitter projects that pack a punch without turning your house into a shiny disaster zone. Today, I’m going to share how I transformed plain paper mache deer decorations into dazzling glittered masterpieces for Christmas!

Glittered Paper Mache Deer Decorations

What You Need to Make Glitter Deer

silver painted paper mache deer

You can typically find paper mache decorations like these at craft stores during the fall and winter seasons. If you prefer online shopping, I’ll provide links to some reliable retailers. But let me stress that I earn a small commission if you make a purchase through these affiliate links. These commissions enable me to keep providing you with free tutorials all year long. Your support is greatly appreciated!

  • Paper mache deer
  • Spray paint
  • Fine glitter
  • Coarse glitter
  • Tinsel glitter
  • Mod Podge
  • Foam brush

Mixing Different Sizes of Glitter

containers of silver glitter

Instead of using just one type of glitter, I took a tip from my glitter guru friend, Aunt Peaches. She taught me that mixing various sizes and shapes of glitter creates a more dimensional sparkle. So, I created a batch of silver glitter using fine, chunky, star-shaped, and tinsel glitters.

To apply the glitter, I coated the paper mache deer with Mod Podge using a large craft brush. To minimize the mess, I worked over a creased piece of paper, allowing me to collect any excess glitter and reuse it later. Even with these precautions, a little glitter still found its way onto the floor and table. If you have an outdoor space or garage where you can work, that’s a great way to avoid bringing the mess inside.

closeup of silver glitter on a paper mache deer

I was pleasantly surprised by the striking difference mixing different glitters made in the overall sparkle effect. Each kind of glitter reflects light uniquely, creating a dazzling display. It exceeded my expectations!

Sealing in Glitter Projects with Mod Podge

closeup of silver glitter on a paper mache deer

When working on larger glitter projects, there’s another trick I learned from Peaches. After the first coat of glitter dries, you should apply a coat of Mod Podge mixed with glitter to seal it in. I followed her advice for a shed-proof finish, and it worked like a charm. After the sealant coat dried, I ran my fingers over the glitter and not a speck came off!

Glittery Deer Decor for Christmas

DIY glittery paper mache deer in front of a bokeh background

I wish there was something else in this picture to give you a sense of the deer’s size. The standing deer measures 24 inches from hooves to horns, so it’s quite substantial.

DIY glittery paper mache deer in front of a bokeh background

Here’s the key takeaway: Don’t be intimidated by glitter, even when tackling larger projects! Glitter adds a touch of magic and is perfect for Christmas decorations. If you take the leap and create a glittery masterpiece, I would love to see it! Feel free to tag me on Instagram or share it on my Facebook fan page.

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