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Release year: 2000 | Players: 1 player | Developed by Intelligent Systems

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Game Review

It’s a famous series now – one that has long since lost its edge, if you ask me – but what was Paper Mario like at the very beginning? At MyEmulator, you can play it for yourself and find out, but I’ll clue you in: it’s fantastic. While the game’s sequel, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, is the most beloved in the franchise, the original does a lot to establish itself as an excellent, charming mix of platformer and RPG set within the Mario universe.

As sort of a soft follow-up to Super Mario RPG (play Super Mario 64 online), Paper Mario puts its own spin on plenty of popular RPG elements, like an approachable turn-based battle system. With special unlockable badges and good timing, Mario can unlock more devastating attacks. For example, late in the game, you can unlock the ability to jump on an enemy as many times as you can in a single turn, so long as your button-press timing is impeccable. Honed reflexes can also steer traditional turn-based battling by blocking attacks. With this small but personable spin on traditional RPGs, Paper Mario emphatically reminds players of its legendary source material.

Paper Mario Nintendo 64 - Game review

One of the great things about Paper Mario is how accessible it is – if you’re normally turned off by intricate RPGs with dozens of complex gameplay systems and stats to manage, don’t worry. Paper Mario uses a simplistic approach; all you have to worry about are Heart Points, which determine your health, Flower Points, which enable special moves, and Badge Points, which let you equip a variety of powerful badges. Every time you level up, you can pick a category to upgrade. Battles, exploration, and the game itself are all quite lighthearted and approachable, but luckily, RPG vets can find a lot to love too. The world-class writing and humor and the various strategies that you can pull off with lots of badges and Flower Points make the game worth playing and mastering if you’ve already been around the RPG block once or twice.

Aside from a winning gameplay build and hilarious writing, Paper Mario also benefits from a fantastically unique visual style. The paper theme is executed nearly flawlessly, with all sorts of immersive visual effects and designs that make the world truly feel like a storybook. When Mario turns completely sideways, he’s flat, just like a sheet of paper. When he goes to bed after a long day of adventuring and battling, he floats under the covers like a discarded sheet. The world around him, meanwhile, while crafted out of 3D objects, still takes every artistic opportunity to remind you of what the developers were crafting.

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It might not be as good as Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, but Paper Mario is still a classic that should be played by RPG and Mario fans alike. It’s unique, charming, funny, and just a lot of fun to play. An excellent example of the plumber’s range, Paper Mario is a must-play entry in the Super Mario storybook.