Paper Mario Shy Guy

This Chapter 4 guide in our Paper Mario 64 walkthrough takes you through the colorful stations of the troublesome Shy Guy’s Toy Box.

Like every guide in our Paper Mario 64 walkthrough, our Chapter 4 walkthrough keeps it to the point and gets you moving to your next goal without getting too stuck in the details. We’ll also mention any Star Pieces or badges you can snag along the way. You can jump to a specific part of our Paper Mario 64 Chapter 4 walkthrough by hitting these links:

  • Shy Guy’s Toy Box
  • Blue Station
  • Pink Station
  • Green Station
  • Red Station
  • Boss: General Guy
  • Peach’s Castle (Intermission)
  • Back in Toad Town

Shy Guy’s Toy Box

Did you figure out how to enter the toy box? It’s in the house with orange roof next to the second item shop in Toad Town. For a more detailed explanation, check out the ending portion of our Chapter 3 guide.

Shy Guy’s Toy Box has four main sections: Blue Station, Pink Station, Green Station, and Red Station. That’s also the order you’ll be visiting them in. You travel to each station using the train at the center. Not everything in this level is required to get to the end, but we’ll still mention how to get these additional items. Spoiler alert, they’ll get you more Star Pieces.

Blue Station

Welcome to the Blue Station. First things first, Spin Jump in front of the train platform to uncover a hidden Star Piece.

Okay, so the train is missing. That means you’re stuck in Blue Station. Before we focus on that, take the exit to the left. The Anti Guy guarding the chest has 50HP and can deal attacks doing more than 10+ damage! He’s guarding the Power Plus badge but he’s quite strong! If you have Sleep Stomp badge, equip that to put him to sleep for several turns. Whack the Shy Guy holding the Calculator to fight it and get the little piece of tech.

Return to the station room and this time go right. Spin Jump the boxes to make your way over the colorful blocks. Look behind the hexagonal lime block to find a Star Piece. When you reach the dollhouses, enter the middle one and climb the stairs. At the top, use Parakarry to take you over to the left to get the Star Piece.

Fly over to the third dollhouse and drop into the next section. There’s the chest! Guarding it will be whatever you had Peach tell Bowser to put in. Hopefully you chose Mushroom and not a Clubba! Open the chest to get the Storeroom Key. Return to the train station and use the spring pad to return to Toad Town. Go to the item shop next door and hand over the key to get access to the backroom. Take any of the items you like, but definitely grab the Toy Train.

Before you head back into the toy box, interact with the box to get the option to drop the train in. Do so and the entire thing will come crashing down onto the tracks inside. You can now go to the Pink Station! Whack the the pink station barrel and speak to the train conductor.

Pink Station

As soon as you arrive, open the chest on the right to get the Mailbag. Then Spin Jump in front of the train platform for another Star Piece.

Let’s start by going right this time. Use the box to raise you up the higher level, then go left and open the chest to get the Defend Plus badge. Spin Jump the next box to get the next section. See how Shy Guys come rolling in from the right? They’re using a secret blue door to get to your area. Wait by it and as a Shy Guy goes through, push yourself in!

Make your over to the end of the area and first grab the Ice Power badge from the first chest and then the Fry Pan in the second chest. Return to Toad Town and go to the bakery. It’s located in the same area as the Toad Town Tunnels and Forever Forest exit! Give Tayce T. the Frying Pan and she’ll bake you a Cake! BUT DON’T EAT IT!

Return to the Pink Station and this time go left. See that massive Shy Guy? That’s Gourmet Guy. A nice fellow. Give him the Cake and he’ll move off the tracks! And drop a Cookbook. Walk across the tracks and start heading to the right. Go all the way until you reach the pink switch. Flip it and the tracks will fix themselves giving you access to the Green Station.

Green Station

Hop on the train and arrive at the Green Station. Spin Jump in front of the train platform for a Star Piece. Beginning to notice a pattern here? Now, in order to reach the Red Station, you need to figure out the mystery of the colored star blocks. You have to hit them in a specific order. To do that, you need to get items found deeper within the Green Station. But… we know the order already. It’s Yellow, Green, Red, and Blue.

If you want to do things the right way, and get all the collectibles, then continue on into the room on the right. Follow the conveyor belts and go invisible any time you’re facing one of the fences. Defeat the Yellow Shy Guy carrying the Mystery Note, you’ll need it!

Go past the slot machine, it’s not required to be messed with for anything. In the moving blocks area, look for an orange opening in the wall. Inside is a Star Piece. Go above that area to find the Dictionary in a chest. Take the Dictionary all the way back into Toad Town and visit Russ T. in his home to the right of the Toad Town main entrance. He decipher the Mystery Note and give you a Star Piece for the Dictionary.

Well, now you have it. The order in which to hit the colored blocks is Yellow, Green, Red, and Blue. Do this and track will repair itself giving you access to the Red Station. If you take the train all the way around to Blue Station, you’ll get to a switch that will connect all four stations without issue.

Red Station

And last but not least, the Red Station! You know what to do. Spin Jump in front of the train platform for the last Star Piece in the area. To the left! Use the flower platform to get on top of the colored blocks, then use the turning platforms to reach the next wall. Drop down and get past or battle the Pyro Guy. Ride the next flower platform and ride up over the next wall. Enter the next room for a boss fight!

Big Lantern Ghost has 40HP. Your goal is to attack the bandage on its head. You can’t attack it while it’s dark so you’ll want to attack the lantern first. Perform a multi-hit attack like Mario’s jump or Bow’s slap to make the light bright enough. Once visible, pound away at the bandage. Defeat it and Watt, who was trapped inside the lantern, will join your team!

Return to the previous room and ride up the first flower platform. Now ride up the second flower platform and use Parakarry to reach the Super Block at the top. Drop down to the area where the Pyro Guy was at and use Watt’s ability to reveal a hidden red question block. Inside is a Deep Focus badge!

Get back to the train station and head down the right exit. Bomb the wall a bunch of Shy Guys will scatter. In the next room, use Watt’s light ability to brighten the dark room. Corner the Shy Guys and they’ll break down the wall. Boss in the next room.

Boss: General Guy

Several phases of this fight. First up s the Shy Guy Squad with 15 HP. You’ll want to defeat them quick as each of the members will attack you once! Use your high powered moves first. After you take out more than half their health, the General Guy will barge in. He’s got 30HP but he comes rolling in with backup. Two Stilt Guys with 7HP will guard him. Take them out first. After this two Shy Stacks will show up with 10HP.

With just the General Guy left, target the Bulb on his tank and destroy it to stop his heavy lightning attacks. Then attack the General Guy like normal and the battle is yours. With that finished, the fourth Star Spirit Muskular is saved.

Peach’s Castle (Intermission)

We’re playing as Peach again! Use the fireplace exit to reach the main lobby again. Walk across the room and enter the bottom right door to find Gourmet Guy. He wants a cake! He’ll give you the Castle Key. Before heading for the kitchen, enter the door on the right to find the Deep Focus badge. You can use the treasure chest to send any items you’ve collected into an identical treasure chest in the house in Shooting Star Summit.

From the main lobby, open the locked door to the south. Get past the guards and enter the room on the right. Inside the chest is the Last Stand badge. Enter the door along the stairs on the right to find the kitchen.

Listen to the cooking instructions from Twink:

  • Put Sugar and Eggs in a bowl.
  • Mix and whip the ingredients in the bowl. Mash A as fast as you can!
  • Put Flour and Butter in the bowl.
  • Bake the batter in the over for 30 seconds. Yes, you should look at a clock or accurately count down.
  • Decorate it with cream and strawberries.

If the cake is completed without any issue, walk out the door and you’ll instantly arrive at Gourmet Guy’s room. Give him the cake and he’ll give you some intel. And you get caught!

Back in Toad Town

Now that you’re officially done with Shy Guy’s Toy Box, it’s time to return the items you found. These include:

  • Calculator – Rowf at the badge shop
  • Mailbag – Post office
  • Cookbook – Tayce T. at the bakery

At this point you should have already returned the Storeroom Key, Frying Pan, and Dictionary. The Mailbag will get you a Star Piece, the Calculator will get you the I Spy badge, and the Cookbook will allow you to cook two ingredients together.

Not much else to do beyond this. You could go to Toad Town Tunnels to get another Super Block but you don’t have any partners that will make use of it. Instead, head for the pier and talk to Kolorado. Then step on the whale and whack it with your hammer. Walk inside the whale and use Watt’s light ability to find a Fuzzipede bouncing around. Watch it’s path and stand in the way to start a fight. It has 20Hp, nothing you can’t handle. Once defeated, you will both be released. The whale can take you into Chapter 5!

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