Get Creative with Paper Plate Pigs

When kids imagine farms, what comes to mind? Perhaps it’s a picturesque red barn surrounded by cows and horses grazing in the fields. Or maybe they envision chickens clucking away in their cozy coop. There’s no denying the allure and excitement of a farm visit. And what’s even more fun? Creating your very own farm-themed craft!

Introducing the Quill And Fox paper plate pig craft. It’s adorable, straightforward, and perfect for unleashing your creativity. With just a few basic supplies and some paint, you’ll be well on your way to a delightful craft session. So, let’s dive in and get started!

Creating a Pig Craft for Kids


To embark on this crafty adventure, gather the following materials:

  • Paper plate
  • Pink paint
  • Colored card stock
  • White card stock
  • Black sharpie
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Pig template (get it here)


  1. Download the pig template, print it, and carefully cut out the necessary pieces.
  2. Coat the paper plate with a few thin layers of pink paint. Allow it to dry fully.

Hand painting paper plate pink

  1. Take the eyes from the template and glue them towards the top of the paper plate.

Hand gluing eyes to paper plate pig craft

  1. Glue the nose just below the eyes, perfectly centered on the paper plate.

Hand gluing nose to paper plate pig craft

  1. Attach the ears to the top and back of the paper plate using glue.

Hand gluing ears to paper plate pig craft

  1. Using the black marker, draw a mouth just below the nose.

Hand drawing mouth onto paper plate pig craft

  1. Finish off by gluing the hooves to the back and bottom of the paper plate.

Hand gluing feet to paper plate pig craft

This pig craft is so simple that it’s perfect for toddlers, preschoolers, and Pre-K kids. If you’re excited to create it with your little ones, don’t forget to download the free template from Quill And Fox. Just enter your email in the form provided at the end of this article.

Looking for more animal crafts to keep the fun going? Our animal craft book has 52 weeks’ worth of unique and adorable projects for kids. Watch as their creativity blossoms, and enjoy the improvement in their fine motor skills!

Farm Animal Fun for Kids

To continue the farm-themed excitement, consider incorporating a farm animal unit study. We’ve gathered plenty of ideas to keep the kids engaged. Explore the options below and plan your unforgettable farm adventure in minutes.

Farm Books for Kids

Immerse yourself in fascinating farm animal stories with these recommended reads:

  • “Mrs. Wishy-Washy’s Farm”: This classic tale showcases farm animals rebelling against baths and running away from the farm. Discover the wild adventures they encounter after their escape!
  • “Little Blue Truck”: With captivating illustrations and delightful rhymes, this popular book introduces lovable characters. Dive into a series of heartwarming stories that kids will adore.
  • “The Cow Said Neigh!”: Enjoy this fun and silly book about farm animals yearning to be someone else. Through playful rhymes, children learn the importance of embracing their unique strengths.

Farm Crafts for Kids

Crafting is a fantastic way for children to develop various skills while having a blast. It encourages them to follow instructions, sparks their imagination, and cultivates patience. Additionally, crafting introduces concepts like colors, shapes, and textures. It’s a superb outlet for self-expression and creativity.

Paper plate pig craft

Here are a few more farm-themed craft ideas to explore:

  • Goat Paper Bag Puppet Craft: Let your kids enjoy farm pretend play with this simple and delightful puppet. All you need is a brown paper bag, construction paper, scissors, and glue.
  • Handprint Chicken Craft: This paint-free craft is not only adorable but also ideal for a farm animal unit or a fun activity with your little ones.
  • Cow Headband Craft: Mooo-ve on to this entertaining cow craft made from paper. It’s perfect for a rainy day or a farm-themed birthday party.

Farm Activities for Kids

Paper plate pig craft

Engage your children further with these exciting farm activities:

  • Farm Color by Number Printables: Boost fine motor skills and number recognition with these captivating color by number worksheets. Choose from seven different farm animal pictures.
  • Farm Animal Printables: Turn learning into an adventure with these engaging activities. Enhance handwriting, letter recognition, sequencing, and problem-solving skills while having a blast.
  • Farm Playdough Kit: Watch your child’s imagination soar as they design their very own mini-farm using the included dough, plastic animals, and gardening tools. Fun and creativity guaranteed!

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For more farm-inspired ideas and inspiration, stay tuned! And don’t forget to check out the Quill And Fox website for all things arts and crafts. Keep those creative juices flowing!