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Are you up for a more challenging job and leave your boring job? Check out our list of the most interesting, unique, and weird jobs that actually exist. While there’s a pool of cool and awesome jobs that pay well, you might want to sit down and scan some of the weird jobs in our list. There are tons of jobs that may sound bizarre to you. Some weird writing jobs actually exist that of course, needs weird job applications as well.

Fan of the American stunt or dare game show, Fear Factor? The show dares the players with strange and scary stunts. But to ensure if the challenges are possible, they have to check it first. Since it airs on national TV, they have to safeguard their players and the show. So, do you get paid to be on fear factor? Yes! Same goes to the workers behind every dare. It’s definitely for the brave souls out there.

What are weird jobs?

While most of us work in specific fields, there are jobs that may sound odd yet cool. Who cleans the glass windows of high-rise buildings? How about milking venom from a snake? Ever thought of who give names to your favorite nail polish line? Hence, weird jobs are specialized tasks for people that want to do more than the existing career choices we know.

Did you know bed tester is a job? You can even make a living as a paper towel sniffer. Although you may have heard of these weird jobs before, chances are it will surprise you to know how much they’re paid. So we dug deep through the Internet and picked out a few under-the-radar jobs that get high salaries and awesome benefits.

14 Weird Jobs That Pays Well

1. Wrinkle Chaser | Median Annual Salary: $32,380 (, 2014)

This weird job requires you to iron shoe wrinkles using a hand iron or a hot air dryer. To qualify as a wrinkle chaser, you must have a high school diploma and an eye for detail (or wrinkles).

2. Crime Scene Cleaner | Median Annual Salary: $35,750 (, 2019)

If you don’t mind spending time around corpses and blood, this one is among the weird jobs that might fit you. A crime scene cleaner goes to work at crime scenes after police gathered evidences. So, if you want to know the crime scene cleaner wage and change into this cool yet scary job, give it a shot. Besides, the cleaning crime scenes salary is quite competitive. Clueless of how to tweak your resume to fit into this job? Our resume professional writers can definitely help!

3. Personal Shopper | Median Annual Salary: $38,000 (, 2019)

If you have an eye for good fashion and unique fashion taste, this one’s for you. A personal shopper helps fashion-impaired people by picking out clothing that will best suit the latter. Do you know of anyone who wants this weird job?

4. Professional Snuggler | Annual Salary: $59,000*

Don’t confuse this weird job with prostitution; snugglers just give you a good cuddle for up to 90 minutes. For overnight sessions, clients bring their own snacks and entertainment means. The professional snuggler jobs play around an annual salary of $59,000. Now who wouldn’t want to have a snuggler job, right?

5. Pet Food Taster | Annual Salary: $40,000*

This worker ensures the foods our furry friends eat are good and contain every ingredient listed on their label. The pet food taster salary or dog food tester salary plays around an annual wage of $40,000. Would you dare to try this weird job? If you do, you must prepare a pet food tester application. That means you have to know the pet food taster job description and the qualities you must possess

Product tester jobs are common in various industries. The product tester salary depends on what trade you work for. But will you try this weird job and look for pet food tasting jobs?

6. Golf Ball Diver | Annual Salary: $100,000*

Among the weird jobs, this one retrieves golf balls from the bottom of water hazards. Now, if you want to know the golf ball diving salary, here you go. An annual wage of $100,000 is quite awesome as a golf ball diver salary. It would be a cool job for someone who loves golf.

7. Paper Towel Sniffer | Annual Salary: $52,000*

While the title sounds made up, it’s a real occupation. Paper towel companies don’t want their products to have a distinct scent. They hire people to do a sniff test on their products to check if they smell right or not. Firms post professional paper towel sniffer jobs for real. After all, they must ensure the product quality and a professional paper towel sniffer can help.

Are you looking for a paper towel tester job? Hence, you need an effective paper towel sniffer application tool that works!

8. IMAX Screen Cleaner | Annual Salary: $45,000*

IMAX screens can get so dusty, making IMAX screen cleaner a demanding weird job. Remember, since screens are so large, the task can be too tiring and time-consuming.

9. Gross Stunt Testers | Daily Salary: $800*

Likewise known as obscure stunt testers, these persons’ weird job were to test disgusting foods to make sure they’re tolerable. For example, on shows such as Fear Factor, contestants aren’t the first to eat exotic, disgusting foods but gross stunt testers. You’ll often find obscure stunt tester hiring or stunt tester jobs mostly on TV shows. So, you now have an idea of how much does fear factor pay for the testers.

10. Face Feeler | Hourly Salary: $25*

Another weird job that’s just goes as it sounds, a face feeler touches the faces of people who try new skincare products. This allows firms to study how effective their products are.

If you’re a lazy person, this weird job is perfect for you. A typical workday involves lying down on beds the whole day to check how comfortable they are.

11. Furniture Tester | Annual Salary: $31,000*

Since robots and couches have no senses, furniture companies need people to test their products and tell if they’re comfortable or not. Do you see yourself doing this weird job? Are you looking for furniture tester employment and wonder how much a furniture tester salary is?

12. Sewer Inspectors | Annual Salary: $61,000*

These weird job workers claw their way through water, feces, and rats looking for clogged or cracked pipes and passageways

13. Bed Tester | Average Salary: $38,510

So, since a bed tester is actually a job that pays well, you’ll wonder how much does a bed tester make. With an annual bed tester salary of $38,510, bed and mattress testers make a living in testing out beds and mattresses to meet standards. Are you looking for bed tester job openings? You can check brands that sell beds. For sure, they are looking for testers that can pass the bed tester qualifications and help them improve their products.

14. Odor Tester | Median Annual Salary: $70,198

Do you have a sensitive sense of smell? If you can define and recognize scents, then you can apply for professional smeller jobs. Odor test jobs are actually a thing and there are firms that offer jobs that involve smelling. Thus, if you want to try your luck and find professional sniffer jobs, let us help you.

Whether you’re holding these weird jobs or a typical one, what’s important is you enjoy your work and you get a fair salary. You can shift career if you feel like you’re not growing professionally anymore. If you want these weird high paying jobs, we can provide you with an effective and specialized resume. Resume Professional Writers will help you align your career path and make sure you stand out among your rivals. For resume writing service, CV writing service, and LinkedIn Profile Writing service hire us!

*Data were taken from U.S. Department of Labor

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