Princess Paper Doll Printable

We love paper doll printables. And wee have had a BUSY and fun couple of weeks making lots of great Disney inspired printables and crafts. We have had a week of Disney Princesses.. that are wonderful as both Paper Disney Dolls or and Paper Disney Ornaments!!

Though I know many of you have your favourite princess (which is why, I created individual website links for you – for easy browsing etc), I also thought it would be good to bring them all together here.. in one place. All our Princess Printables for you to browse and pick out your favourites as you go along! You can turn these free printables into either a Paper Disney Doll DIY or you can use them as a Paper Princess Ornaments to used as Christmas Tree Decorations or as Party Decor. Super versatile.

I also love how you can fold down the 3d skirts for safe storage and transportation in an envelope. Making these a great Princess Paper Toy to take with you to the coffee shop or on holiday! You can make them as sweet little gifts for doll lovely girls and boys too!

NOTE: You can choose to purchase ALL 9 Printables in one easy download PLUS lesson plan overview AND printable assembly worksheets on Teachers Pay Teachers (thank you for supporting my website!) or go below and get your FREE individual printables (though this involves having to visit all the different printable pages and you don’t get the printable worksheet instructions!).

Here they all are – currenlty we have 7 Disney Princess Paper Doll pdf for you:

These paper dolls are for kids of all ages, but I think your preschoolers will love them especially! They are a “together” project really, you cut, they stick! Some lovely quality Mom time! We haven’t got all the Disney princesses as paper doll printables for you at the moment.. but are looking to add Rapunzel/ Tangle Princess doll soon. Watch this space. In the meantime, check out these paper doll crafts with your little princess lovely kids! Whether you are crafting with little girls or little boys 🙂

There is also a set of 4 x 2 Princess Pop Up Cards (in my teacher’s pay teachers store) – 4 Valentine’s Day Princess Cards to print and 4 Blank Cards to print – perfect for Princess Birthday Parties!

We have two 3d Princess Paper Doll Colouring Pages so you can customise hair colour and skin tone for your kids!! Choose what colors their costumes and accessories they should have. Make them your own. There are lots of wonderful ways you can colour them in – use watercolor paints, crayons, markers… you options are yours. Just grab your printable paper doll templates.. Hours of fun to decorate, make and play with these little paper doll printables. They are prefect for pretend play. Do send me your final makes – I would love to see them!

The traditional paper doll princesses

Grab your scissors, glue sticks and get printing this free download today. Lovely kids activities all year round. You can use white printer paper or light white cardstock for these printable templates. Whatever your printer takes.

The first “Disney Princess” – of course our darling Snwo White. Get your Snow White Ornament and Doll! As mentioned these are all free printable paper dolls.. you just need to go and visit the page for the doll you wish to download and make!

Paper Elsa Ornament and Doll (love the addition of the little stars)!

For Beauty and the Beast fans, we have the lovely Bell. Find the Belle Doll Printable here. If you love bell, don’t forget to pin her to pinterest too!

Next in our set of free templates, we have the princess classic with this oh so cute Cinderella Paper Doll.

Or pretty and pink, maybe you would like to make our Aurora Printable Ornament.

Jasmine bucks the trend with wearing some cool pantaloons. The assembly of the Jasmine Paper Doll is slightly different but just as easy! I do love these cute princess illustrations.

And finally we have Ariel.. get your Ariel Paper Doll Printable here. Your kids will making their own paper dolls! So many Disney princesses to choose from!

Aren’t they all lovely together?!

You may also like our Disney Princess Bookmark Corners too:

Learn how to make Paper Mickey Mouse Ornaments or use the free printable!

Find more AMAZING Paper Ornament DIYs here! Such a great set of awesome printables for you to browse!

Please remember, these are for personal use only. Do not resell!