Printable Paper Bag Puppets

This delightful craft, featuring a brown paper bag tiger, is a beloved activity for children of all ages! We’ve created countless paper bag crafts because they are not only affordable but also immensely enjoyable for kids. Moreover, once the crafts are completed, children can engage in imaginative play with them. If your child or students have a fascination for wild animals, this craft is perfect for them. Follow our step-by-step instructions or watch the quick video tutorial to make this simple project.

Tiger Craft For Kids

paper bag tiger craft image collage with the words paper bag tiger in the middle


  • Brown paper bag
  • Colored cardstock or construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Hole punch or white-out pen (optional)
  • Black marker (optional)
  • Tiger craft template (download form located at the end of this post)

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  1. Download the tiger template, print it, and cut out the pieces.

hands holding paper bag tiger template

  1. Glue the tiger’s head piece to the top of the brown paper bag flap. Attach the tiger’s body piece to the bottom of the bag.

hands gluing orange rectangle to paper bag flap

  1. Place the white tiger’s muzzle between the tiger’s eyes and glue it. Optional: Use the hole punch to create two circles from the white paper and glue them as eyes. Alternatively, you can use a white out pen to draw the whites or leave them off entirely.

hands gluing white muzzle to paper bag tiger

  1. Attach the tiger’s ears to the top corners of its face. Glue the pink inner ears to the middle of the outer ears.

hands gluing pink inner ears to tiger craft

  1. Glue the smaller tiger stripes around the top and sides of the tiger’s head. Trim off any excess paper using scissors.

hands gluing tiger stripes to paper bag tiger face

  1. For young children, you can simplify the craft by using a black marker for them to draw the stripes.

  2. Glue the white tiger’s belly to the center of the bottom part of the paper bag. Attach the tiger’s body stripes on both sides. Trim off any excess paper.

hands gluing white belly to tiger craft
hands gluing tiger stripes to body

Isn’t this craft absolutely cute and simple? It perfectly complements wild animal themes, zoo animal themes, or T is for tiger crafts!

Animal Project Ideas

Let’s continue the fun with these exciting animal project ideas! These activities not only entertain kids but also enhance their knowledge about animals. Whether in a classroom or at home, these creative projects are perfect for learning.

Zoo Books For Kids

Have you ever noticed how captivated children can be when you read them a story? Interestingly, reading books to your kids has numerous benefits for their development! It helps improve language and vocabulary skills, stimulates their imagination, enhances focus and concentration, and even promotes empathy and understanding.

2 paper bag tiger crafts

Wild Animal Crafts For Kids

Crafting with your kids offers a multitude of benefits beyond passing the time. It teaches them essential life skills such as problem-solving, communication, and teamwork while having fun and creating something special together. Next time you’re looking for a new activity, grab some supplies and get crafty!

  • Lion Name Craft: Get ready to roar! Kids of all ages will have a blast making their lion name craft. Our free template makes assembling the colorful lion and arranging letters to spell your kid’s names a breeze. It’s a fun and educational activity that promotes hand-eye coordination and letter recognition.

  • Elephant Paper Bag Puppet Craft: This elephant paper bag puppet craft is perfect for both learning and playtime. Children will enjoy putting together the different pieces – trunk, ears, and eyes – to create an adorable puppet. Once completed, your little wildlife explorers can use their puppets to craft imaginative stories!

zoo crafts image collage

  • Paper Plate Koala: Do your kids love koalas? Then they’ll adore this paper plate koala craft! Watch as your little ones get creative with paint, scissors, and glue to bring their unique koala friend to life. Include this craft in your next zoo animal learning unit for a fun and educational experience!

  • Monkey Toilet Paper Roll Craft: Add a twist to traditional toilet paper roll crafts with this monkey craft! Kids will have a blast transforming an everyday object into an adorable animal. This activity not only teaches them about animals but also promotes recycling and upcycling.

Zoo Animal Activities For Kids

For a no-prep activity that is both educational and fun, try our monkey color-by-numbers! Kids can color each section using its corresponding color while practicing their number recognition skills. This activity stimulates cognitive development, requiring concentration and attention to detail.

closeup of brown paper bag tiger craft

Our zoo animal worksheets provide a variety of animal-themed activities, including letter mazes, flashcards, number strip puzzles, and silhouette matching. Preschoolers can develop essential skills such as letter recognition, counting, memory, and more through these engaging pages.

Download and print our zoo color-by-numbers activity for another fun and educational way to engage kids. Children love getting creative with colors, and these color-by-number pages combine learning and creativity perfectly. Your kids will have a blast coloring each numbered section to reveal the animal.

These jungle animal coloring pages are an excellent rainy-day activity! Will your kids stick with traditional colors or try something new? Encourage their imaginations to run wild as they bring these cool jungle animals to life. They can even spell out the names of each animal as they color.


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