Recessed Toilet Paper Holder

Toilet Paper Holder Functions

Toilet paper holders serve various purposes. First and foremost, they give your toilet paper its own designated space. It can be difficult to reach behind you to retrieve the roll off the back of the toilet, and tissue can easily get wet on top of the sink. This struggle is why it’s so convenient to have a custom toilet paper holder — it keeps your toilet tissue right where you need it to be.

Tissue holders ensure your toilet paper is easily accessible, store additional rolls for future use and even offer a chic decorative quality to your bathroom. These wood products are space-saving, useful and allow for excellent bathroom organization.

Recessed, In-Wall Holders

Our recessed toilet tissue holders are built directly into the wall, so they won’t jut out or take up extra space in your bathroom. But not all toilet paper holders are equal! Every other holder on the market was not designed for large rolls, and every other recessed holder doesn’t even recess much due to how they attach to the wall. We solved all of those problems. All of our recessed toilet paper holders FULLY recess into the wall – this gets your roll as far into the wall as it can possibly go. These concave holders are perfect for smaller bathrooms and look great on any wall. Additionally, they require only simple construction adhesive to install.

Sized for Large and Mega Rolls

We offer extra-large custom toilet paper holders that can handle rolls of all sizes, including jumbo and mega rolls. Bigger rolls last longer and don’t need to be changed as often, making your bathroom experience much more cost-effective and convenient. And our holders are the only ones on the market which were designed to handle these large rolls from the start.

Single, Double and Triple Options

WG Wood Products also offers a variety of toilet paper storage options, including single, double and even triple wooden toilet paper roll cabinets. These holders feature one to two bars, an open shelf to place an additional roll of tissue and cabinet space to stow away multiple rolls of toilet paper at once. This convenient cupboard comes complete with an easy-open door so your toilet tissue, feminine products, or other things are stored neatly out of sight.

Solid Wood for Durability

At WG Wood Products, we settle for nothing less than the highest quality materials. We don’t use flimsy, artificial mediums like particleboard or fiberboard. Rather, we make our toilet paper holders out of 100% real solid wood, so you can buy expecting a durable product that will last a lifetime.

Benefits of WG Wood Products

If you’re searching for a high-quality custom toilet paper holder, WG Wood Products has got what you need. We offer a wide variety of expertly crafted wood products such as magazine racks, recessed cabinets, spice racks and more. Our merchandise is made in the U.S., comes with free shipping and is fully customizable for our customers.

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