Rice Paper Sushi

This is an easy rice paper sushi recipe with smoked salmon and fresh veggies. Nori sheets are substituted with rice paper wrappers, so if you don’t like those seaweed sheets, this recipe is right for you!

Rice Paper Sushi

It’s an easy salmon sushi with rice paper that can be served with pickled ginger, soy sauce and wasabi alongside a traditional Japanese sushi or on its own. You can add various fillings and make a large sushi platter for your family.

How to cook sushi rice?

I always follow the package instructions for best results.

Then, I add a mixture of vinegar (possibly rice vinegar, but if you don’t have it, white wine vinegar will also do the trick – I use it often), sugar and water and mix everything well. You will need to cool the rice completely before you can work with it.

How to make Rice Paper Sushi Step 1

How to make sushi with rice paper?

While the rice is cooking (or cooling down), you can prep the fillings: Slice the cucumber and carrot into long matchsticks and slice avocado and salmon into strips. These are my favorite homemade sushi fillings, but you can omit some, if you don’t like them (or substitute …).

When you have everything prepared and the rice is cold, re-hydrate rice wrappers. I use a large frying pan/skillet, but you can use anything really (a cooking pot or deep large plate). Just make sure it’s wide enough so you can fit the rice paper in. Re-hydrating may take from a few seconds up to almost a minute. This will depend on how warm your water is.

How to make Rice Paper Sushi Step 2

When ready, place the wrapper onto a clean worktop or use a sushi mat wrapped in plastic film. Cover it with a thin layer of rice. Then, add the fillings and roll by gently lifting the rice paper wrapper and folding it over the filling. Next, roll it tight but again gently. Note: You will not be rolling sushi with sushi mat. Use your hands only.

Don’t worry, if the first homemade sushi roll with rice paper is not perfect. It’s like making pancakes – the first one is never perfect.

How to make Rice Paper Sushi Step 3

How to make sushi with nori sheets?

I also have a recipe for Homemade Sushi from scratch, so if you are interested in learning the classic way of making this Japanese meal I’ve got you covered. The post includes step by step photos for easy understanding.

Homemade Fresh Sushi Rolls

Possible variations

  • If you don’t have smoked salmon, but you still want to try this sushi with rice paper, you can use crab-sticks or tuna (fresh one) instead, or omit the fish completely.
  • You can also add cream cheese (if you like), perhaps sprinkle some cayenne pepper on the rice or sesame seeds …
  • What about using tofu to make this a vegan sushi?
  • Also, don’t panic if your first rice paper sushi doesn’t come out perfect. You will learn as you go. The first sushi rolls are never perfect anyways!
Eating Sushi with Chopsticks

My favorite recipes using rice paper wrappers are Smoked Salmon Summer Rolls, Tofu Spring Rolls and Vegetarian Spring Rolls). All of them equally delicious, these simple lunch recipe ideas are pretty versatile and you can play with the ingredients, if you want to.

These days I mostly make recipes using pantry staples (like Tuna Burritos or this Potato Bacon Casserole) or try to be creative with any random food items we have on hand. And while searching through the cupboards I found some leftover rice paper wrappers and sushi rice, so I figured why not combine these two together.

If you do give this rice paper sushi recipe a go, please let me know in the comments section. I would love to hear what you think!

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