Rice Paper Trader Joe

Rice paper is a thin sheet made of rice used to wrap vegetables, seafood, or snack as it is. Rice paper is pretty common, but it isn’t everywhere. You would be surprised at the places you can find it and the places you can’t. So, does Trader Joe’s have rice paper?

Trader Joe’s does not carry rice paper but sells rice paper substitutes, such as jicama wraps. The jicama wraps have the same nutritional value, low carbs, and loads of nutrients.

To help you get the best value for your money and the best ingredients for your meals, in the following paragraphs, I will write about whether or not Trader Joe’s have rice paper and where you can buy the best rice wrappers.

What Can You Get at Trader Joe’s Instead of Rice Paper?

Trader Joe’s doesn’t carry rice paper, so you can’t get it there. However, the good news is you can get a rice paper substitute. The jicama wraps have the same intended purpose as rice paper, are equally nutritious, and are low in carbs.

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Jicama wraps and rice paper are very similar in appearance. They are both almost the same size and color, but jicama wrappers are slightly thicker. Think of jicama wrappers as tiny tortillas.

While rice papers are made of rice, a grain, the jicama wrappers are made of jicama, an underground root. However, even though they don’t have the same origins, jicama wrappers and rice paper are very similar, with the jicama wrappers being more potent in taste.

Spring rolls are another rice paper substitute in Trader Joe’s. Spring rolls are also very healthy and nutritiously rich. They are mainly made of tapioca and resemble rice paper more than jicama wrappers do.

Spring rolls are very popular; of the three, they are probably the most popular ones. You can use spring rolls the same way you would use rice paper, so it is an excellent substitute.

Trader Joe’s also carries seaweed, which is yet another rice paper substitute. Even though seaweed isn’t as similar to rice paper as jicama wrappers and spring rolls, it still does a decent job substituting for it.

As the name itself says, seaweed comes from algae and water plants. It is very healthy to eat but is a little more noticeable than the other rice paper substitutes available at Trader Joe’s. They are slightly salty and briny. You can use seaweed paper the same way you use rice paper.

Veggie thin slices can also be considered as rice paper substitutes that Trader Joe’s carries. Even though their primary use isn’t that of the rice paper and the substitutes I mentioned so far, they can still do a good job. Not all of them are good for deep frying, but some of them, such as cabbage slices, are more suitable for thermal processing.

Where to Buy Nice Rice Paper?

Since rice paper is available online, your problems are pretty much solved. However, when ordering food online, you always risk getting something of lower quality than what you signed up for.

Therefore always ensure your online-ordered rice paper is fresh and check the reviews of the brand.

Otherwise, you can get good rice paper in the better-supplied stores and the store departments for Vietnamese and Chinese foods.

Rice paper should be gluten-free, so check that on the pack. Avoid 100% tapioca rice paper, as it is likely to be less flexible. In addition, check the brand and make sure you buy from a verified producer.