Rock Paper Scissor Variations

Rock Paper Scissors is a beloved game enjoyed by children all over the world. We’re all familiar with the basic rules: paper covers rock, rock crushes scissors, and scissors cuts paper. But did you know there are numerous variations and similar games to this classic?

The Ultimate Games Like Rock Paper Scissors

Over the past decade, I’ve taught children aged 3 to 5 and explored various versions of Rock Paper Scissors. These games not only promote team-building and problem-solving skills but also help children develop positive relationships. Here are 16 ultimate games similar to Rock Paper Scissors:

  1. Rock Paper Scissors – Team Game
  2. Rock Paper Scissors Train
  3. Rock Paper Scissors Chase
  4. Rock Paper Scissors Tag
  5. Rock Paper Scissors Spock
  6. Rock Paper Scissors Olympics
  7. Rock Paper Scissors Extreme
  8. Champs
  9. Number Bonds
  10. Odds and Evens
  11. Thumb Wrestling
  12. Do What I Say, Not What I Do
  13. Mirror Image
  14. Clapping Games – e.g. A Sailor Went To Sea Sea Sea
  15. Copy Cat
  16. Copy Cat Freeze

Some of these games are direct variants of Rock Paper Scissors, such as Team Rock Paper Scissors. Others involve hand games and similar skills. Some are partner games that require actions and direct competition. These games are perfect for children aged 3-7 and can be played in educational settings, at home, sports clubs, camps, or any interactive and fun environment. So, let’s dive in!

1. Rock Paper Scissors – Team Game

As the name suggests, this version is played by up to six players standing in a circle facing each other. Each player shows their hand action (rock, paper, or scissors) simultaneously. If all three possibilities are shown, the game restarts. However, if only two options are shown, winners stay standing while losers sit down. The game continues until a champion is crowned.

2. Rock Paper Scissors Train

Children who love trains will enjoy this game. One child becomes the “train driver,” while others line up as “passengers” at a station. The driver goes around a small track, which can be marked by cones. The driver stops next to a waiting passenger, and they play one round of Rock Paper Scissors. The winner becomes the new driver, and the other becomes the “carriage.” The new driver continues around the track, challenging the next person in line.

3. Rock Paper Scissors Chase

This game requires children to pair up. After playing one round of Rock Paper Scissors, the loser becomes the chaser and the winner becomes the one being chased. They chase each other until the chaser manages to tag the other. Once tagged, they play Rock Paper Scissors again.

4. Rock Paper Scissors Tag

This team game is similar to Rock Paper Scissors Chase but involves more players. Split the children into two teams, and mark a wide playing area. Each team has a leader, and the teams decide on one move (rock, paper, or scissors) to perform together. The two teams face each other in lines, play Rock Paper Scissors simultaneously, and the winning team becomes the taggers while the losing team gets chased. The game continues with taggers and new teams.

5. Rock Paper Scissors Spock

For older children, Rock Paper Scissors Spock offers a challenging twist. The game introduces “Spock” and “lizard” moves, symbolized by specific hand gestures. Each move has different strengths and weaknesses, creating a complex strategy. It’s an engaging and mind-boggling version of the game!

6. Rock Paper Scissors Olympics

This game is perfect for large groups of children. It begins with pairs playing Rock Paper Scissors against each other. The loser sits down, and the winner finds a new partner. The process continues until a head-to-head contest is reached. In case of an odd number of children, a preliminary play-off between two selected children may be needed.

7. Rock Paper Scissors Extreme!

Rock Paper Scissors Extreme! takes the game to a whole new level. Participants perform exaggerated actions for each move, creating an energetic and entertaining atmosphere. It’s a fantastic icebreaker and a great way to get everyone moving.

These are just a few of the many exciting Rock Paper Scissors variations. Each game offers unique challenges and benefits, making them ideal for pairs of children. They enhance hand-eye coordination, cognitive skills, and teamwork. So, gather your friends and let the games begin!


Rock Paper Scissors Games are not only entertaining but also provide valuable learning opportunities for children. Whether it’s building friendships, problem-solving, or developing motor skills, these games are perfect for kids aged 3-7. Give them a try and watch the fun unfold!

Good luck trying out these spectacular Rock Paper Scissors Games! For more exciting games and activities, visit Quill And Fox.