A World of Rock Paper Scissors Variations

Have you ever thought that the classic game of Rock Paper Scissors could be anything more than rock, paper, and scissors? Well, think again! Throughout the years, this beloved game has spawned a multitude of variations that add new characters and rules to the mix. In this article, we’ll explore some of the fascinating modifications that have been made to the traditional Rock Paper Scissors game.

Rock Paper Scissors Dynamite

Let’s start with a bang! Introducing Rock Paper Scissors Dynamite, a variation that certainly raises eyebrows. The Dynamite hand gesture, formed by a “thumbs up” hand sign with a closed fist and an extended thumb, adds a whole new dynamic to the game. However, the RPS authorities have voiced their disapproval, claiming that Dynamite disrupts the delicate balance of the original trinity. To this day, the relationship between Dynamite and Paper remains a subject of debate, with its inclusion potentially altering the game’s fundamental dynamics.

Rock Paper Scissors Spock Lizard

Prepare to enter a whole different realm with Rock Paper Scissors Spock Lizard. Created by Sam Kass and Karen Bryla, this five-throw expansion adds Spock and Lizard to the mix. Spock is gestured by raising the palm vertically, forming a gap between the middle and ring fingers, while Lizard is represented by making a “sock puppet” hand gesture. Each character has a distinct connection with the others, forming a complex web of calculations. Spock smashes Scissors and vaporizes Rock, but is disproved by Paper and poisoned by Lizard. Lizard, on the other hand, poisons Spock and consumes Paper, but is killed by Rock and dismembered by Scissors.

Double Fisting

Get ready for some serious multitasking with the Double Fisting variation of Rock Paper Scissors. In this intriguing twist, players form a circle and use both hands to play against the individuals on their right and left. Anyone who loses to their opponents on both sides is eliminated from the circle, and the game continues until only two players remain. The surviving duo then engages in a regular Rock Paper Scissors match to determine the victor. However, a referee is necessary to prevent cheating, as it’s all too easy for players to falsify their throws or distract their opponents.

Elimination Match

Similar to Double Fisting, the Elimination Match variation also involves a circle of players. However, instead of playing against individual opponents, all players engage in simultaneous gameplay. The throws are made following the regular rules of Rock Paper Scissors, but with a twist. If all three throws are present at once, a circular stalemate is declared, and a rethrow is required. If only two throws are present, all players who chose the losing throw are eliminated from the game. While this variation adds a thrilling element of unpredictability, it can lead to frequent stalemates in larger circles.

Points-Based Rock Paper Scissors

In this variant, larger groups of participants come together for a points-based Rock Paper Scissors showdown. Each player is assigned a position based on their points, and all players extend their throws simultaneously. Those with winning throws gain points, while those with losing throws gain nothing. The table of points is formed based on the interactions between the throws, continuing until a pre-established score is reached. This variation adds a strategic element to the game, creating a captivating dynamic within the group.

Strip RPS

Looking to add some excitement to your relationship? Enter Strip RPS! This variation takes the familiar rules of Rock Paper Scissors and adds an enticing twist. After each throw, the loser must remove a piece of clothing, while the winner gets to keep theirs intact. The game continues until one player has stripped completely, declaring them the loser, while the other player retains their remaining clothing. Of course, the winner can choose to shed their remaining garments as well, if they dare! Strip RPS is a playful way to bring couples closer and inject a bit of fun into their relationship.

Street-Based RPS

For those seeking an adrenaline rush, street-based Rock Paper Scissors offers a thrilling and risky experience. Often played in secluded streets, downtown clubs, or unused parking lots, this variation is more of a gambling game than a formal engagement. However, it has garnered disapproval from the World RPS Society due to a lack of rules, referees, and a tendency towards violence. In a winner-takes-all betting format, players put their lives on the line with each throw. Just be cautious, as in such gatherings, holding a couple of bucks in your hand can attract some unwanted attention.

Corporal Punishment RPS

Sometimes, Rock Paper Scissors can take a dark turn. In informal or unregulated environments, the game can be modified for a different purpose altogether, as seen in Corporal Punishment RPS. This variation aims to settle disputes through physical punishment inflicted on the loser. In public schools, players subject each other to violent acts, such as slapping the underside of the forearm. However, the RPS authorities strongly condemn this variation, reminding players that the game is meant to reward winners, not punish losers.

Quill And Fox never ceases to amaze with its captivating range of Rock Paper Scissors variations. These unique twists on the classic game allow players to experience new challenges, excitement, and even a touch of risk. So gather your friends, learn a new variation, and let the games begin! Remember, the true essence of Rock Paper Scissors lies in the joy of friendly competition and the thrill of being immersed in a world of possibilities.

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