Squishmallow Wrapping Paper

Giving gifts to friends and loved ones who are certified Squishmallow fans is super fun. However, wrapping the Squishmallow gift with an awkward shape could be a real struggle.

Don’t settle for gift bags and boxes just yet! We made a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to wrap a Squishmallow gift like a TikTok pro just for you, so read on!

6 Steps on Wrapping A Squishmallow Like A Tiktok Pro

1. Measure the Squishmallow & Cut the Paper

easure the Squishmallow & Cut the Paper

Get the estimated measurement of the Squishmallow and wrapping paper. Spread the paper and place the Squishmallow on top of it to get the measurement. Then, get the scissors and cut the paper according to the estimated measurement.

2. Fold the Paper into Two Halves

Fold the paper from both edges to form two halves vertically. Make sure that the folds that met in the middle do not overlap, just barely touching each other.

Get the Squishmallow. It should fit inside the wrap. Make sure there’s enough room for the gift. It’s better to make the folds smooth before securing them using clear tape.

3. Measure & Fold the Bottom Part

Fold the bottom of the paper. It should be at more or less 2 inches or 5.1 cm. And then, lift/pull the folded part, creating a 90-degree angle from the table or flat surface. You won’t need a ruler to fold the paper. You can freely estimate the size.

4. Securely Tape Every Side To Form A Bag

Open the creased part and push the paper down so it would touch the center. Repeat this step on both sides. If you successfully folded the paper, you will create a small triangle on both sides.

Then, fold the top fold inwards. Repeat this step on the bottom part to create an envelope fold. Lastly, secure each side by taping them up.

5. Insert the Squishmallow & Securely Seal It

Get the Squishmallow and put it inside the bag or pouch. Pick up the paper and stand it on the table. Double-check if all folds have been securely taped. Put tissue paper on top of the toy to cover it.

Next, roll down the top of the paper and tape it. Like before, you can freely gauge the fold, but we suggest folding at least one inch or 2.5 cm to make a crease. Keep making creases until you reach the top of the cuddly toy inside.

Lastly, securely tape the wrapping paper to close the DIY gift bag you just made.

6. Put A Ribbon & Tag (Optional)

This is another fun but an optional step. You may also tie ribbons to make the present look more festive. You can make the ribbons yourself or just get a store-bought one if you don’t have enough time. Then, get a tag and write your name down.

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4 Wrapping Ideas For Your Squishmallows

1. Box

If you don’t want to try the DIY gift bag, you may opt for a more simple way of wrapping your Squishmallow gift toy. Just put the gift in a box (like a package) and then wrap the whole box.

Tape the top and sides of the box to firmly close them. This package-wrapping method is perfect for large Squishmallows.

2. Candy Style

Wrap and roll the Squishmallow directly. Just get a plastic wrap or fabric table cloth, put the gift in the middle, and wrap it like a tootsie roll. Then, gather the edges of the table cloth and pile them both on top and at the bottom of the plush toy. Get a ribbon and tie both ends.

3. Ribbon-Locked

This method is perfect for small Squishmallows with an awkward shape, like having arms or legs. First, get the cellophane wrap. Then, get the stuffed toy and place it in the middle of the cellophane wrap. Make sure the toy is standing.

Gather the sides of the cellophane wrap and pull them on top of the Squishmallow like a pouch. Cover and secure it using a thread and a ribbon.

4. Balloon Wrapped

This is only applicable for small Squishmallows. You’ll need a large balloon of at least 36 inches in diameter. Securely wrap the Squishmallow with cellophane (not tissue paper) before sliding it into the balloon to protect its fabric.

Then, blow up the balloon and lock it. You may put a ribbon on it to make it look more festive.


Can you buy a ready-made gift wrap for a Squishmallow?

Yes, you can buy a ready-made gift wrap for Squishmallow gifts, like gift bags. You can also go to some local stores and ask them to wrap your gifts if you find it hard to wrap them on your own.

What’s the best wrapping paper for Squishmallow presents?

Determining the best wrapping paper for Squishmallow presents is subjective. However, it is always recommended to use a wrap that suits the receiver’s color and design preference.

In Summary

To wrap a Squishmallow present, all you have to do is to prepare the wrapping paper and other needed materials. Follow our step-by-step guide and start sending out gifts to your friends and family!

You don’t have to be a TikTok [1] superstar to know how to wrap Squishmallow gifts! If you don’t have any Squishmallow to give yet, search for the best among Toynk’s Squishmallow collectibles!

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