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Do you have a stack of craft paper stashed away? Why not spend an hour or so creating something cool and fun? Here are our top picks for construction paper crafts for adults.

I believe the love for paper crafts is instilled in us from kindergarten. Who doesn’t love playing with all those pretty colors and designs and creating pretty things for ourselves and our homes?

Construction paper is such a wonderful craft supply. It is readily available, cheap, and incredibly versatile. With a little bit of creativity, some basic tools, and a good source of inspiration, you can create anything with paper.

You are never too young, or too old to play with paper. So if you happen to have a stack of construction paper lying around, you’ll enjoy this collection with awesome construction paper craft ideas for kids of all ages (aka adults). Have fun!

Paper Crafts for Adults to Make

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What is Construction Paper

First things first, let’s clear up any confusion.

If you are wondering what construction paper is, let me help you with that.

Construction paper is the most common craft paper, it usually comes in stacks of multi-colored or patterned sheets and can be used in various crafts. It is slightly stiff, can easily be cut, and glues easily.

All the projects in this papercraft collection can be made with simple construction paper, although it can often be substituted for printer paper, cardstock or origami paper.

And if you still have a few of those pretty patterned scrapbook paper pads in your stash, these will work too!

Other basic tools you’ll need are quality pair of scissors, craft glue or a hot glue gun and glue sticks, and maybe something like crayons of soft chalk.

Paper Flowers

One of the most popular paper crafts is turning a simple sheet of paper into a beautiful flower. Paper flowers don’t wilt, can be made in every color available, and are so fun to make.

I selected my favorite craft paper flower tutorials, so you can get creative and make a whole bouquet of flowers for your home.

1. Paper Blossom Flowers

These beautiful DIY Spring Blossoms will look good all year round. I love the nifty trick that is used to make the flower stamen.

2. Origami Tulip

With just a little practice and patience you can create this lovely Origami Paper Tulip yourself.

3. Flower Greeting Cards

If an afternoon of crafting has left you with lots of itty bitty paper scraps then turn those scraps into Pretty Paper Greeting Cards with this easy DIY.

4. DIY Paper Gerbera Daisy

paper gerbera daisy flowers in pink

These Paper Gerbera Daisies are so fun to make, you won’t want to stop until you have a giant bouquet of these pretty paper flowers.

5. Cherry Blossom Flowers

paper cherry flower blossoms

Welcome spring into your home with these pretty Paper Cherry Blossoms.

6. Paper Hydrangeas

This Paper Hydrangeas Tutorial makes turning paper into hydrangea flowers easy.

7. Construction Paper Flowers

pink flowers made from rolled up craft paper

If you’d love to create some beautiful paper flowers but only have an hour to spare then you’ll love how easy these Craft Paper Flowers are to make.

8. Paper Flower Garland

garland made from paper flowers

If you can’t stop making construction paper flowers because it is just too much fun, then go ahead and turn them all into this lovely Paper Flower Garland.

9. Paper Flowers Centerpiece

Another great way to use up a whole lot of paper flowers (after all who can make just one) is to create a Paper Flowers Centerpiece.

10. DIY Paper Orchid Flowers

Aren’t these DIY Paper Orchid Flowers just stunning?! Printer paper and chalk are what were used to create these beauties. The instructions come with a free template.

Paper Crafts with Brown Construction Paper

Who doesn’t have a stock of brown construction paper laying around? After all…

Brown paper packages tied up with string…

…these are a few of our favorite things.

This brown paper projects are definitely among my favorite construction paper crafts.

1. Brown Paper Magnolia Wreath

paper magnolia leaf wreath

Whether your brown paper comes from a roll of craft paper or you are reusing your brown paper bags, turning it into this DIY Magnolia Wreath From Paper is always a good idea.

2. Brown Paper Bag Star

Upcycle your paper lunch bags into this Paper Star Made From Paper Bags

3. Brown Paper Woven Bag

Make a bag from a bag. If you can cut up strips you can make this Woven Paper Bag.

4. Paper Bag Pumpkin

Start saving your brown paper scraps now and come fall turn them into this Paper Bag Pumpkin DIY.

5. Giant Brown Paper Snowflakes

extra large snowflakes made from brown craft paper hung on a black wall

How is this for a statement wall! I simply adore this collection of Large Brown Paper Snowflakes

6. Brown Paper Nests

three brown paper nests with mini eggs

How cute is it to serve your chocolate Easter eggs in these DIY Brown Paper Nests

7. Brown Paper Leaf Garland

Paper bag leaf garland hanging over a painting over a dresser

If you are up for a lot of cutting (while watching your favorite TV show) then you can turn ordinary brown paper into this gorgeous Brown Paper Bag Leaf Garland

8. DIY Gingerbread House Craft

gingerbread houses made from brown craft paper and with white drawn decorations

This DIY Gingerbread House Craft looks awesome but is deceivingly easy to make.

Home Decor Paper Crafts

Let’s turn ordinary construction paper into beautiful home decorations, shall we? From wall hangings to signs and from centerpieces to wall art, have fun creating your own home decor with craft paper.

These are some of my favorite DIY paper crafts for home decor.

1. Paper Flower Wall Decor

Wall Decor made with tiny paper flowers

This Paper Flowers Wall Decoration is stunning. I simply love the texture and the natural color variations in this wall decor piece.

2. Pinwheel Centerpiece

DIY pinwheel paper crafts grouped together in a centerpiece

An easy kids’ craft is turned into a fun Pinwheel Centerpiece that would look great at any birthday party table. Use colorful paper to make these pinwheels extra fun.

3. Paper Chain Wall Hanging

Colorful wall hanging made from paper chains

Who said making paper chains is for kids? Turn this basic paper craft into a Paper Chain Wall Hanging. I told you these were easy craft ideas! But doesn’t this look beautiful?

4. Paper Feathers Wall Decor

Wall hanging made with paper feathers dangling from a branch

I love this boho style Paper Feathers Wall Hanging. The choice of colored construction paper in this project is also perfect. How pretty are all those blues and whites together?

5. Paper Butterflies Wall Art

Wall art made with rows of colorful paper cut butterflies

Pick pretty patterned paper in a rainbow of colors for this Paper Butterflies Wall Art project.

6. Paper Medaillon Wreath

If you have a covered front door then you’ll love welcoming your guests to your house with this Paper Medaillon Wreath.

7. DIY Paper Palm Leaves

Collection of colorful paper palm leaves

If you are looking for a little home decor accent to cheer up an empty corner then why not make some DIY Paper Palm Leaves in happy colors.

8. Geometric Wall Art

It will take a bit of time and effort but then you’ll have a truly unique piece of Geometric Wall Art for your house.

9. Farmhouse Style Paper Sign

farmhouse style sign with paper flowers and text in a frame

Here is a fun construction paper craft for the lovers of farmhouse style. This Farmhouse Style Paper Sign is so cute.

3D Construction Paper Crafts

A sheet of construction paper may be very two-dimensional, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the coolest 3D things out of it.

Here are some super cool things to make with paper.

1. Paper Cactus Craft

row of handmade paper cactus plants in white pots

If you usually don’t succeed in keeping your plants alive, then you’ll have more success with these green babies. Check out How to Make a Paper Cactus and make yourself a whole family of houseplants.

2. Paper Star

DIY 3D paper star Christmas tree topper

This 3D Paper Star Tutorial is great to have around when you are looking for a Christmas tree topper idea. But this star will look great in a Fourth of July decoration too.

3. Paper Orb Tutorial

Check out this Paper Orb Tutorial on how to make these fun paper spheres.

4. 3D Map Paper Star

3d paper star made from map paper

Of course, you can make this star from any paper you like but I think this version of a 3D Star Made From Maps is gorgeous and perfect for a travel enthusiast.

5. 3D Embellished Paper Gift Can

Pringles can upcycled and embellished with paper flowers into a gift can

Waste not want not. Turn your old chips cans into a 3D Embelished Paper Gift Can and you’ll be ready next time you are looking for a hostess gift.

6. Paper Game

Four image grid of variations of paper game

I remember this Paper Game from my childhood. How cool to see it in this grown up variation.

7. DIY Folded Paper Bracelets

I would never have guessed but is really is paper that is used to make these DIY Folded Paper Bracelets.

8. DIY Geometric Bowls From Paper

office desk with brightly colored homemade paper bowls

Organize your desk with some Geometric Paper Bowls and it will look pretty in one go.

9. Paper Beads

Collection of colorful homemade paper beads

Another great way to use up paper scraps is to turn them into Paper Beads DIY. You just need a whole lot of strips of paper and some time.

Bird Crafts for Adults

When you write a blog called Songbird, you can not not have a category of bird crafts in your paper crafts collection.

Please enjoy this selection of paper crafts featuring birds…

1. Paper Birds Wreath

metal wreath frame with a row of cut paper birds

Cut a whole flock of birds and turn them into this pretty Paper Wreath.

2. Paper Bird Cage

Elegant green paper bird cage with two red paper hearts inside

If you are the lucky owner of a paper-cutting machine you’ll love this Paper Bird Cage with hearts. It is perfect for Valentine’s Day.

3. Paper Owl Craft Idea

Show off your design skills when choosing the right combination of patterned papers for this Paper Owl Craft. I love the big googly eyes on this owl, so fun!

4. Hanging Paper Birds Garland

How cute is this Hanging Paper Birds Garland? It would make a great gift for a nursery.

5. Craft Paper Birds Wall Art

two pieces of wall art made with bird on brances cut from colorful craft paper on a white canvas background

Another example of how the right choice of patterned papers can turn any simple craft project into instant art. I love this Craft Paper Birds Wall Art so much.

6. DIY Paper Bird Houses

three bird houses made from craft paper

If you have a bit of heavy-duty construction paper or card stock you turn it into these fun DIY Paper Bird Houses. Don’t you think this will look cute in a spring decor display?

7. Paper Cut Bird Cages

two white birdcages cut from paper

Another project for the paper cutting machine, but these Paper Cut Bird Cages look so elegant and fun.

8. 3D Paper Bird Craft

If you have made a paper birdhouse or bird cage, you might want to make a paper bird to go in them as well. I suggest making a couple by following this easy 3D Paper Bird Craft project.

9. Origami Paper Birds

colorful origami birds

Or maybe you’ll like to try some intricate folding techniques and turn pretty craft paper into Origami Paper Birds.

Have Fun With These Construction Paper Crafts for Adults

I truly hope you’ll have as much fun making one of these paper crafts as I had while compiling this list of paper craft ideas.

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