Toilet Paper Roll Height

toilet paper roll dimensions

Toilet paper rolls come in different sizes and quality. Of course, you may find it unnecessary to dig into how big or how wide they are, as product quality is the most important criterion when choosing a toilet paper brand.

Also, knowing toilet paper roll dimensions can help you choose a favorite brand that suits your needs and fits your budget.

For your information, the standard dimensions for a roll of toilet paper can be 3.7 inches in length, 3.8 inches in width, 4 inches in height and weighs around 0.5 grams.

Standard Sizes of Toilet Paper Roll


Toilet paper rolls vary according to size and how many layers they have. You could choose between a single-ply, double or triple-ply; single, regular, or double, mega rolls. The texture also varies from extra strong to premium, ultra-push…

So, what are the standardized measurements for a single toilet paper roll?

1. Length of a toilet paper roll

A toilet paper roll usually is 3.7 inches long by standards, measured from the cardboard inside the toilet roll. As the length may vary among different manufacturers and brands, the length can be rounded to 4 inches.

2. Width of a toilet paper roll

Again, a toilet paper roll’s width is visibly different among brands. However, this does not represent the number of layers a piece of paper has (the ply).

On average, a toilet paper roll’s width is typically 3.8 – 4.1 inches, or about 10-12 in cm. The factors affecting how large toilet paper roll is could be the diameters, number of sheets, pallet type, and the logistic unit,…

3. Weight of a toilet paper roll

A standard roll of toilet paper weighs about 277 grams (0.5 pounds). The average weight could be affected by a brand’s manufacturing process, packaging, and labeling. The material of the toilet paper also determines how heavy it is.

Do you often choose the toilet paper roll based on the number of plies? A 3-ply toilet paper is usually preferred since it is safe for your hands, has a longer lifespan, and often comes in good quality. So, yes, the thicker it is, the better quality it brings.

4. Height of a toilet paper roll

So how tall is one roll of toilet paper in standard measurements?

To fit the toilet paper holder in your toilet, a standard toilet paper height is about 4 inches (10 cm). If you measure in mm, it would be around 90-100 mm. There are other taller paper rolls for different purposes of usage; for example, a paper roll in the kitchen might be twice as long as a toilet paper roll.

The difference in height of a toilet paper roll could be explained by the variety in thickness. If you use a double-ply roll, it would be shorter than the single-ply one. The larger size compensates for the lack of thickness in a single-ply toilet paper roll.

5. Diameter of a toilet paper roll

Suppose you use a ruler to measure the tube of your toilet paper roll dims. In that case, it is probably around 2 inches (4 cm) in diameter. The number can be higher if the toilet paper roll is thicker and comparatively better in quality.

Normally, a cheap toilet paper brand would have a narrower circumference, and a more expensive one would be wider due to better paper material and durability.

Sizes of Different Toilet Paper Roll Brands

As the difference in dimensions between toilet paper rolls depends largely on what brand it is, we have compiled a chart of the sizes of the most common brands displayed on the store’s shelves. Let’s see which kind fits your needs the most!

So what is the best toilet paper roll on the market nowadays? In a discussion on Reddit, people have called out the two brands that have the most premium, luxurious quality: Kirkland toilet paper roll and toilet paper from Charmin.

Though a Kirkland toilet paper roll could cost more than a Charmin’s, both brands’ quality and durability are comparatively good.



How long does a toilet roll last?

The number of plies on a toilet paper roll affects how long it lasts (the thicker the roll, the longer it may last), but so does how much you use it on a daily basis.

A normal person would use a single toilet paper roll for approximately 7-10 days, or about one week. A toilet paper roll usually has 250-1000 sheets, so when you use the bathroom six times a day and use six sheets per time, you could consume a 250-sheet toilet paper roll in a week.

The frequency of use may vary depending on the needs and purposes of the people in the house.

Do toilet paper rolls come in different sizes?

Yes, depending on what kind of manufacturer they are, what material they use, and how many layers they have, toilet paper rolls could come in different sizes.

Has the toilet paper shrunk over time?

Toilet paper used to be a standard size of 4.5 x 4.5 inches. Since businesses wanted to maximize profits while reducing costs, they modified toilet paper rolls into different sizes that were comparatively smaller than the old standard measurements.


With the end of the recent pandemic, you no longer have to worry about toiletries being wiped out in supermarkets by panicked shoppers. Then it is time for you to get back on your “smart decision” shopping journey.

On the market, there are various brands with distinctive toilet paper designs. Therefore, toilet paper sizes are more or less different among brands. This also means you have a wide selection to choose from according to your needs, so make a wise choice yourself with our guide on toilet paper roll dimensions!