Choosing the Right Toilet Paper for Your Septic System

If you have a septic system at home, finding the right toilet paper can make a difference not only for your skin but also for the environment. However, you can’t just grab the thickest and plushest option available. Septic-safe toilet paper needs to dissolve quickly and easily, without causing any clogs. The good news is that many eco-friendly toilet paper options also meet the requirements for septic systems.

Best Toilet Paper for Septic Tanks in 2023

Best Overall — Caboo Bamboo Bath Tissue

One economical and sustainable alternative to traditional toilet paper is Caboo Bamboo Bath Tissue. Made entirely from bamboo, this toilet paper is 100% biodegradable and is packaged without any plastic. It is bleached without using chlorine during the manufacturing process. Although it is a 2-ply toilet paper, it dissolves quickly in water.

Caboo Bamboo Bath Tissue

Best Subscription Service — Cloud Paper

Cloud Paper offers a subscription service for septic-safe toilet paper. Their thin and bamboo-based 3-ply toilet paper is suitable for most septic systems. You can sign up to receive plastic-free rolls on a regular schedule and never run out.

Cloud Paper Subscription

Best Budget Option — Scott 1000 Toilet Paper

Protecting your septic system doesn’t have to be expensive. Scott 1000 Toilet Paper is an effective and budget-friendly option. It dissolves quickly once flushed, and there’s almost no risk of clogging when used correctly. This toilet paper is 100% biodegradable, made with sustainably sourced paper, and packaged on recycled cardboard rolls.

Scott 1000 Toilet Paper

Best 3-Ply Paper — Reel Toilet Paper

While it is generally advised to use 2-ply toilet paper with septic systems, Reel Toilet Paper is a safe option if you prefer 3-ply. Made with 100% bamboo and packaged without plastic, this tree-free toilet paper is certified as readily biodegradable. However, it’s not recommended for clog-prone septic systems.

Reel Toilet Paper

Best TP for RVs — Nature’s Call Bamboo Toilet Paper

Nature’s Call Bamboo Toilet Paper is not only safe for septic systems but also suitable for use in RVs and marine toilets. This biodegradable 2-ply toilet paper made from bamboo is known for its dissolvability and strength. The absence of tree pulp makes it an even more sustainable choice.

Nature's Call Bamboo Toilet Paper

Best Roll-Less TP — Plushi Paper

Plushi Paper offers a unique packaging option for toilet paper. This roll-less toilet paper comes in a box, similar to traditional facial tissues. It reduces waste and is easily accessible, especially for young kids who may use too much toilet paper. Despite being advertised as 4-ply, it is septic-safe and suitable for use in RVs, boats, and composting toilet systems.

Plushi Paper

Best Recycled TP — Seventh Generation Bath Tissue

Seventh Generation Bath Tissue is not only environmentally friendly but also safe for septic systems. Made solely from recycled fibers, with 50% coming from post-consumer sources, this 2-ply toilet paper breaks down easily without clogging low-flow toilets. It is free of dyes and fragrances and is whitened without bleach.

Seventh Generation Bath Tissue

How To Choose Septic-Safe Toilet Paper

Paper Source

When choosing septic-safe toilet paper, look for materials that disintegrate easily in water and are environmentally friendly. Recycled and biodegradable toilet paper options tend to break down faster than regular toilet paper. Additionally, tree-free alternatives like bamboo and hemp toilet paper are sustainable and safe for septic systems.


The thickness of toilet paper affects how quickly it dissolves in water. Toilet papers with more plies are stronger and more absorbent but dissolve more slowly. For septic systems, it’s best to use 1- or 2-ply toilet paper.

Bleached vs Unbleached

Toilet paper is often bleached for color consistency and slight softening. While chlorine bleach can be harmful to septic tanks, the remaining chlorine in bleached toilet paper is unlikely to affect septic health. However, if you prefer unbleached toilet paper for environmental or skin sensitivity reasons, as long as it is septic-safe, it’s suitable for use.

Septic-Safe Certification

Look for toilet paper labeled as septic-safe or certified by trusted organizations such as the National Sanitation Foundation. Certification ensures that the paper has been tested for dissolvability by a third party.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is septic-safe toilet paper okay for an RV?

Yes, many RV enthusiasts recommend using septic-safe toilet paper instead of more expensive specialty bathroom tissue. Opt for single-ply toilet paper that dissolves quickly to avoid any plumbing issues.

What is the worst toilet paper for septic systems?

Quilted or multi-ply toilet paper is generally not recommended for septic systems. Avoid toilet paper that is 3-ply or thicker, as well as those marketed as “ultra-strong.”

How do you test the dissolvability of toilet paper?

To test the dissolvability of your favorite toilet paper, place 2 to 3 unused pieces in a glass of water and time how long it takes for the paper to completely dissolve. The best toilet paper for septic tanks should dissolve within 10 minutes.

Is lotion-infused toilet paper safe for septic tanks?

While lotion-infused toilet paper can be septic-safe, it is generally not recommended because it tends to be thicker. The thickness and dissolvability of the paper are more important factors to consider.

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