Triskele Paper Globes: A Playful Paper Craft

Image of Triskele Paper Globes

I recently stumbled upon a fascinating yet simple paper structure that has captured my attention for days. These captivating paper globes, called Triskele Globes by artist Manja Burton, offer a delightful illusion of interlocking spirals. While I can’t confirm if they are a traditional design or an original creation, the spiraling effect is truly mesmerizing.

Unveiling the Triskele Paper Globes

Three rectangles that will become globes
The process of making these globes involves three interlocking strips. By folding in the arcs and scoring the curved fold lines beforehand, you can easily create these enchanting structures. If you prefer visual guidance, there’s a helpful video here that demonstrates each step.

Perfectly Sized Templates

I’ve taken the liberty of creating PDF templates for these paper strips, which can be found below this post. My templates are slightly smaller than those on Manja Burton’s site, as I find this size more convenient for standard copy paper. To ensure clarity during the construction process, I’ve added simple shapes to distinguish the strips from one another. However, if you prefer a blank canvas, I’ve included a plain PDF as well.

Image of template for paper strips to make spiral paper ornament
Image of template for paper strips to make spiral paper ornament. Look for PDF below

You may notice triangles on the template, but fear not, they won’t be visible in the final product. I included them to aid in orienting the designs and aligning the rings of paper strips accurately. Don’t worry if you lack access to a copy machine; I’ve included a grid that allows you to create your own templates without one.

The Paper Strips for the Spiraling ornament, mapped on a grid
The paper strips for the Spiraling ornament, mapped on a grid. The strips are 48 squares tall (plus two more for the tab), 10 squares wide, and the circles have a radius of 8 squares. Only 1/3 of the circle is on the paper strip. There, that should get you started.

In fact, I found the grid so appealing that I created a PDF template with the grid as well.

Embrace Creativity and Enjoyment

A Bevy of Paper globes
Let your imagination run wild! Have fun with these Triskele Paper Globes. Feel free to add bling, experiment with different papers and designs. Transform them into dice, fortune tellers, or incorporate your favorite quotes. The possibilities are endless.

Bonus Update: A Glimpse Behind the Scenes

I had the pleasure of corresponding with Manja Burton herself, and she kindly responded to my inquiries about this intricate structure. You can find her response at the end of this post.

Addendum, December 18.2018
After publishing my post on these ornaments, a friend on Twitter, who goes by the name Loop Space, made some remarkable tweaks to the curves. Loop Space’s mathematically curious post on CountingOnMyFingers provides a fascinating exploration, beautifully illustrated.

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