Thanksgiving Craft: Create a Memorable Paper Plate Turkey with Your Kids

Thanksgiving is a special holiday that provides the perfect opportunity to teach kids the importance of gratitude. Families all over the US come together, enjoy a delicious meal, and take the time to reflect on their blessings. After the feast, why not gather your loved ones and embark on a fun-filled activity like making a paper plate turkey craft? It’s a simple yet meaningful way to make lasting memories and encourage children to appreciate the good things in their lives. Follow our step-by-step tutorial below, and watch their creativity soar!

Turkey Craft For Preschoolers

turkey craft image collage with the words paper plate turkey

Immerse your little ones in the joy of transforming an ordinary paper plate into an incredible work of art with this turkey craft. Kids absolutely adore paper plate crafts because of the magic that occurs when something mundane becomes extraordinary. Parents love them too, as they are easy to organize, require minimal supplies, and cater to children of various ages.

If your kids enjoy painting, they will especially delight in this turkey craft.


To get started, gather the following materials:

  • Paper plate
  • Brown acrylic paint
  • Colored cardstock or construction paper
  • Glue stick
  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors
  • Paper plate turkey craft template (click here to receive the template)


  1. Download the turkey craft template, print it out, and carefully cut out the pieces.
  2. Paint the paper plate entirely with brown acrylic paint, ensuring it dries completely.
    hand painting paper plate brown
  3. Glue the turkey wing in the center of the paper plate.
    hands gluing wing onto paper plate turkey craft
  4. Assemble the turkey’s head by attaching the eyes towards the top of the head.
    hands gluing eyes onto paper plate turkey craft
  5. Attach the snood onto the beak and use scissors to trim any excess.
    pieces of paper plate turkey craft
  6. Glue the beak just below the eyes.
    hands gluing beak onto paper plate turkey craft
  7. Glue the completed turkey head onto the paper plate.
    hands gluing head onto paper plate turkey craft
  8. Position and glue the feathers along the backside of the paper plate.
    hands gluing feathers onto paper plate turkey craft
  9. Stick the feet onto the bottom of the paper plate, securing them in place.
    hands gluing feet onto paper plate turkey craft

And voila! You’ve successfully created a delightful Thanksgiving craft with your kids.

Craft Template Versions

This craft is suitable for toddlers (with adult supervision), preschoolers, and kindergarten children alike. Inside the template download, you’ll find two different versions to accommodate your needs. The first version is perfect for home use, allowing you to print it on white cardstock and trace the pieces onto colored cardstock of your choosing. The second version is preferable for classroom settings, daycare centers, or library storytime, as it provides multiple copies of each piece with clear organization by colored paper. In this case, you can directly print the template onto the corresponding colored cardstock, eliminating the need for tracing and only requiring one-time cutting.

Thankful Turkey Craft Idea

As mothers, we constantly strive to help our children recognize and appreciate the abundance of blessings in their lives. Not always an easy task with young kids, but fear not! This turkey craft can lend a helping hand.

two paper plate turkey crafts

To transform this craft into a gratitude turkey, inspire your child to jot down on the turkey’s feathers the things they are thankful for. A simple black sharpie will suffice, or you can employ materials readily available at home. Sometimes, it can be challenging for kids to answer the question, “What are you thankful for?” To assist your child in thinking about things from a fresh perspective, consider asking them the following questions:

  • What is your favorite toy?
  • What activity brings you the most joy?
  • What made you smile today?
  • What do you love most about your house or room?
  • With whom do you enjoy spending time?
  • What is your favorite food?

These questions will stimulate their minds and enable them to recognize the incredible blessings they possess. During Thanksgiving dinner, your children can proudly share their reflections with the entire family!

Thanksgiving Ideas For Kids

Thanksgiving provides a fantastic opportunity to teach kids about gratitude, the pilgrims, and the importance of family. So why not create a Thanksgiving-themed unit for kids that is not only educational but also loads of fun? We have compiled a list of engaging ideas below:

Thanksgiving Children’s Books

One of the best ways to start is by reading books. Reading to your children not only offers an enjoyable way to spend time together but also aids in vocabulary development and fosters a love for reading. Here are some top Thanksgiving books for kids:

  • Turkey Trouble: A delightful and humorous book that should earn a spot in your holiday collection. Join the turkey on a journey around the farm as he disguises himself as various animals to avoid becoming Thanksgiving dinner!
  • How To Catch A Turkey: If your kids adore the “How To Catch” book series, this one will surely captivate them. Discover the ingenious contraptions children create in their quest to catch a turkey on the loose at school!
  • Pete The Cat: The First Thanksgiving: This fantastic Pete the Cat book takes the excitement up a notch with interactive flaps that kids can open. It’s an excellent way to foster enthusiasm for reading and Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Kids’ Crafts

Thanksgiving offers the perfect occasion to unleash your creativity alongside your children. Engaging in crafts together provides numerous benefits, allowing children to express their artistic side, boosting their self-esteem, and simply having a blast. This year, put the pumpkin pies and turkey roasting on hold, and indulge in quality crafting time. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Handprint Pilgrim Craft: Challenge your kids to create their own handprint pilgrims. It’s an ideal way to keep them occupied during the long holiday weekend, and best of all, no messy paint required! All you need is paper, scissors, glue, and our free template.
  • Flamingo Turkey Disguise Craft: Mr. Turkey is back to his old tricks, this time disguised as a flamingo! Let your kids assist Mr. Turkey in fooling the farmer and staying safe this Thanksgiving with this easy and enjoyable craft.
    Thanksgiving kids craft image collage
  • Name Turkey Craft: It’s another year, meaning another fabulous turkey crafts project! This time, help your little ones learn to spell their names with this fun and simple name turkey craft. Just download the editable template, print it out, and let them unleash their creativity as they create their very own personalized turkey.
  • Acorn Paper Bag Craft: This adorable acorn puppet craft is easy to make and guarantees hours of fun for kids. The best part is that you likely already have all the necessary supplies around the house.

Thanksgiving Kids’ Activities

This Thanksgiving, why not provide your children with entertainment while fostering their learning? Introducing our free printable turkey worksheets! This set of worksheets aids in improving handwriting, scissor skills, letter recognition, and much more. These connect-the-dots printables are excellent for enhancing fine motor skills. Each printable features a different turkey, and as kids connect the dots, their pencil control and coordination will improve.

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