Wall Paper Art

Because art is an expression of the human imagination, you can apply it anywhere. With wallpaper art, you can exquisitely redecorate your room with masterpieces. Whether you are a fan of Van Gogh or Botticelli, or Da Vinci, several wall mural arts are available at Wallmur to suit your needs.

Why Choose Art Wallpaper for Walls

Wall art murals not only give your room an artistic look, but they are also elegant and accentuate your room. You can beautify your space and emphasize the interior in several ways using abstract art styled wallpapers, including;

Space expansion art wallpapers alter space.

Unlike your painted walls, wallpapers are spatial, making your room appear larger or smaller in size. With wallpaper art, close objects look more prominent, and stepping away from the wallpaper, the images look smaller and make your room look lighter. Furthermore, because of their three-dimensional feature, aesthetic art wall murals gives a sense of an expanded room

It is important to note that not all art styled wallpapers for walls make a room look bigger. If the wallpaper’s imagery is large, doesn’t have a background, or has negative space surrounding it, it makes the room feel smaller.


Art wall murals having floral patterns have a soft feel that tones down harsh lines, creating a relaxing ambiance. For instance, the Wallmur medieval renaissance wallpaper has a light color palette giving your room a soft touch.

Furthermore, the 3D embossed look of floral art styled wallpaper gives an illusion of width, emphasizing the bedroom and making it look larger.


If you have a room without windows or light fixtures, it may not be well-illuminated . Classic wallpapers with art decor, especially those with metallic polish, brighten the room, making it eye-catching. On the other hand, if you have rooms with a lot of natural light, your space may lack definition.

However, flocked wallpapers like the Wallmur tropical nature landscape with birds designed wallpaper create a light-absorbing pattern, giving your room an ambient, minimalistic look.

Space unification

Depending on how you use your wallpaper, you can either unify your space or isolate one. For example, installing vintage wallpapers on all four walls of a room establishes a continuous and cohesive look to unify your space.

Shop Your Modern Art Wallpaper Online

On the other hand, if you want to isolate an area, maybe an accent wall, you can use the wall art mural on a single wall. Wallmur offers an extensive range of abstract art styled wallpapers. Regardless of the size you want, you can get a customizable wallpaper made from premium materials and safe inks. You are also sure to get your shipping anywhere within ten days.

Frequently Asked Questions about Art Wallpaper for Walls

Art styled wallpapers give your space an artistic look without having to paint on the walls. Here are the most commonly asked questions about Art Wallpaper for Walls on Wallmur and their respective answers.

What are the Most Popular Peel and Stick Art Wallpapers?

The most popular peel and stick wallpapers at Wallmur online store are tropical nature with birds wallpaper, dark floral bouquet with tulips wallpaper mural, and gold look peony floral drawing wallpaper mural.

How Much Does Modern Wallpaper Art for Walls Cost?

The cost of modern wallpaper art for walls varies at Wallmur, depending on your chosen material. For instance, wallpapers from non-woven material cost $35/m2 while wallpapers from textured material cost $40/m2.

How to Choose Art Wall Murals?

You can choose such wallpapers by color. For example, rooms with natural light will make dark-themed wallpapers look less brooding.

Where to Buy Wallpaper Art for Walls?

You can buy art wallpaper for walls from Wallmur online store. The store ships worldwide within 4-10 business days of successfully placing an order.