Water Soluble Paper

Our water soluble paper is a unique material which dissolves completely and rapidly in water along with anything printed or written on it.

This paper is versatile, suitable for many industrial, structural and functional uses. Our paper is at work in a variety of industries, including graphic arts, printing, food service, auto assembly, government, breweries, textiles and much more.

Just Like Real Paper

Our water soluble paper looks, feels and tears just like ordinary paper. You can write on it, photocopy onto it, emboss it and print on it via a variety of methods.

You can also laminate it, corrugate it, perforate it, and make it into envelopes, pads, computer paper, adhesive labels and more.

This product is heat sealable, it can be made into bags, pouches or form-fill and seal roll stock. We have combined our lightweight face stock product with a PVA (Polyvinyl Acetate) coating. With this coating, the paper is able to heat seal itself together using any kind of form fill and seal machine.

What It’s Made Of

Our water soluble paper and tape is cellulose based (finely ground tree pulp). The paper is non-toxic, biodegradable and 100% recyclable.

Different products are available in several grades and sizes to meet all of your requirements. We stock 60gsm lightweight paper, 126gsm heavyweight paper, and 60gsm heatsealable paper (with the adhesive for a total weight of 105 gsm). We can assist you in determining the right weight for your particular application.

Fun Fact! In the movie Taking of Pelham 123, with Denzel Washington, our paper is used for the money when the briefcase is opened above the bridge and the money floats down into the water.

How It Works

Products made of this material will dissolve in any temperature of water, leaving no residue behind. Agitation (stirring, providing a forced flow of water) helps to break down the dissolvable fibers. It is 100% dispersible in water in 30 seconds or less.

Printing on Water Soluble Paper

Just about any printing method will work with this paper including: inkjet or laser computer printers, digital press, flexo, dry offset presses and more.

We recommend water or soy based inks to keep with the solubility of the product, however some applications do not require this. These products will still dissolve without using water or soy based inks, but it will take the fibers longer to break down. Other technical information can be found in the MSDS and technical data sheets.

Usage Examples

These products are not FDA approved and cannot be eaten or ingested but can be used for many different applications such as

  • Packaging for any type of pre-measured granular substance such as bath salts, fertilizers, chemicals, laundry detergents, etc.
  • Soaps, colorants and dyes can be combined with our water soluble paper to create dry, pre-measured, single-use sheets and packets.
  • Labels can be made from our water soluble paper which remove instantly with water without scratching or scraping, and without soggy paper or adhesive residue.
  • Agriculture, bath and hygiene, laundry, and construction industries.
  • Print or convert into dissolvable, decorative writing tablets, envelopes or computer paper.
  • Include in embroidery or sewing kits as a dissolvable base or guide paper.
  • Use as an inspection device for leakage.
  • Create strips of “seeds” for easy planting – seeds germinate, our paper disappears.
  • Provide security for classified or confidential documents.
  • Produce novelties or toys such as magic tricks and “disappearing” game pieces.
  • Convey a marketing message or greeting with a dissolving or disappearing theme.