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Genius Gift Wrapping Stations; organized gift wrap station storage solution ideas for all your gift wrapping supplies.

Hi beauties! Coming at you with some awesome gift wrapping station designs.

Whether you’re a gift wrapper pro or a beginner, one thing’s for sure: It takes practice to get good at it. Gift wrapping can be one of the most stressful things about the holidays.

Most people usually pick a few gifts up at the last minute, and then they have to wrap them in less than an hour before heading over to their mom’s house for Christmas or a friend’s birthday party. But with these stations, you can master your gift wrapping for any occasion! Wrapping presents will be way easier with these organized gift wrap station ideas!

What is a gift wrapping station?

A gift wrapping station is a place where people can go to wrap their gifts. It’s a place where everything you need to wrap your gifts is all in one place, so you don’t have to go searching all over your house for scissors, tape, wrapping paper, and ribbon.

The supplies could include wrapping paper, tissue paper, gift tags, gift bag options, baskets, ribbon or bows, tape, and pair of scissors. The station can also help you save time when it comes to preparing your gifts since you can do all of your work in one place. They are also great to have ready for when you have a last minute birthday gift to wrap!

Gift Wrapping Stations:

This is a great way to organize all those rolls of wrapping paper on the all! Having a wrapping paper organizer on the wall frees up so much space and avoids mess where you are wrapping your gifts.

This is the ultimate gift wrapping station. So much organized storage for all your gift wrapping supplies. I love the roll-out bin for wrapping paper rolls. Convince at its finest!

This organized way to store wrapping paper and spools of ribbon is brilliant. Everything is easy to access on these removable dowel shelves. This system is so simple, but it’s so effective. The dowel shelves are easily removable and easy to access, which makes storing and retrieving items super easy.

This gift wrapping station is the perfect nook. Everything is displayed right after these double doors. I bet those drawers are stocked full of gift wrapping supplies and cool things. A lot of space in this gift wrapping station!

Here is another dowel system to store all those rolls of gift-wrapping paper. Having a gift wrap organizer for rolls of paper, that’s located on the wall really opens up the counter and table space. So much room for wrapping gifts now!

This gift wrap station is so perfectly organized. The drawers are stocked full of all the gift-wrapping necessities, for making beautiful presents! Those shelves are perfect for gift bags of all sizes and colors!

This pull-out gift wrapping station is so perfect. It is small enough that it doesn’t take up a lot of space in this laundry room but large enough to accommodate all of your wrapping supplies

Again, I LOVE this idea of keeping the wrapping paper on the wall. I am all about efficiency and organization, and this system nails it! This system also has some additional storage above the dowels for some other present wrapping necessities like a tape dispenser, a pen or marker, labels etc.

This present wrapping station is in the guest room closet! If you want to save room in your laundry room, consider this option for your own gift wrap station. Having an organized home decor closet for presents with double door organizer options is ideal for lots of present supplies!

This is a MASSIVE gift wrapping room full of so many storage ideas. Everything from the pegboard for rolls of paper to the shelf of baskets for hidden storage… this room has it all! I also love the glass doors stocked full of gift bags for every occasion!

When I saw this unique gift ribbon dispenser, I knew I had to include this one in this post! I am not sure if these are shoe boxes DIYed or if you can purchase these awesome storage containers. Either way, you need them in your wrapping station!

WOW, so many rolls of gift wrapping paper here. I love the rolling cart in this closet for all this paper storage. Everything is visible and nothing is hidden in corners with pull out drawers!

I love this built in desk area so you can sit and wrap your gifts. I don’t know about you, but my back and neck always ache during Christmas wrapping sessions, so having a place, while wrapping, to sit would be so nice!

What a gorgeous blue color! I love how bright and cheery this area is. I would be so happy to wrap gifts in this pretty station! Also again the sitting area is so so ideal.

This simple and easy-to-put-together area can be done in anyone’s home. I love the pull-out drawers and all the counter space. This station would make a huge difference in preparing your last-minute gifts!

This station has so many colorful wrapping paper options! Again, this area has optimal counter space for all your wrapping needs! You wouldn’t need to use that kitchen table if you had a gift wrapping station like this!

If you have a space for this station, definitely go for it I love this area. The style is a little dated but its functionality looks top-notch! There is so many storage options in this station!

This is an ideal organization system for anyone who has minimal space in their house. You could even have this little cabinet in a closet. There is even a little cork board above where you can keep track of birthdays or lists of things you need to restock.

A pull-out drawer for gift bags? Heck yes! Love the organization here. This is so perfect for all those last-minute moments where you need to quick wrap some gifts.

Another perfect pull out storage unit! This one is a great size. If you have a small circle of friends and family, you may only need something this size. If you have a lot of presents to wrap through out the year, you may need something a little bigger.

The peg board is a great way to organize all your gift bags and wrapping paper. The board helps you keep items together and makes it easy to find what you need when you need it. You can easily see what you have and what you need, so you’ll never be caught in a bind when it comes to holiday gifts again!

These stations are all simple, and affordable, and are sure to help you get organized with your gift wrapping. Whether you’re looking for a new organization system for your gift wrapping supplies or just some great gift-wrap storage ideas for under the tree, I hope I’ve helped. These wraps and containers can easily be bought at any department store or online.

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