antique cookie jars for sale

Antique cookie jars for sale – Should they be airtight?

Whether you are new to collecting antique cookie jars for sale or have been collecting for years, you will want to know some important facts about them. There are several things to consider when purchasing a cookie jar, and these include how long you can leave cookies in them and whether they are airtight or not.

Antique cookie jars for sale

Whether you’re looking for a piece to add to your collection or just something to give as a gift, cookie jars can be a great item to consider. You can buy them at antique stores, online, or you may even consider putting them up for sale.

There are several different types of cookie jars available, and each one carries its own unique set of features. These include the shape, size, materials used, and designs. For example, you may want to look for a jar that has a unique feature such as an engraving on the bottom, a brand name, or a whimsical design.

antique cookie jars for sale

If you’re looking for a cookie jar with a bit more complexity, you may want to consider a jar that is made of porcelain. This type of cookie jar features a character that is reminiscent of a jetson, or a Dutch girl.

Another example is an owl-shaped cookie jar. These are made of porcelain and are a nice size. They also have a smudging on the owl’s chest and eyes.

Aside from the fact that they are pretty, the other cool feature about these jars is that they are multi-functional. They can hold cookies and serve as a barrel of lemons. They can also be used to hold candy or molasses.

The best cookie jars are not necessarily the most beautiful. They may be the most expensive or the most functional.

What’s the difference between a biscuit jar

Identifying the difference between a biscuit jar and an antique cookie jar isn’t always easy. They have different materials, shapes, and creative makes.

Early cookie jars were cylindrical or glass with metal lids. They were usually decorated with floral patterns or leaf insignias. They were typically painted with green and pink colors.

antique cookie jars for sale

They were made by companies like Brush Pottery and McCoy pottery. Brush Pottery was founded in 1906 by George Brush. After a few years, Brush Pottery burned down. He had to go into business with J. W. McCoy Pottery Co. This is considered to be the first cookie jar manufacturer.

They are made of porcelain, glass, or silver. They are usually used to store biscuits and can also be used to hold other items like coffee and soap.

Cookie jars started appearing in the USA around 1929. Initially, they were made of glass with metal screw-on lids. Later, cookie jars started to become stoneware. The modern cookie containers evolved from the old English biscuit jars.

Several manufacturers rose to prominence during this time. Brush-McCoy pottery was formed in 1911. It was located in Zanesville, Ohio.

The Brush-McCoy pottery was a merger of Brush Pottery and McCoy pottery. They shared the same history.

They are also known as biscuit barrels. The term biscuit barrel refers to a variety of different types of biscuit barrels. They can be made of porcelain, silver plated, or hand cut crystal. They are decorative pieces that can match any decor.

Should antique cookie jars be airtight?

Keeping your cookies fresh in an antique cookie jar can be a great way to preserve them. But you need to be careful. These jars are made over 40 to 60 years ago, and may not be as airtight as they should be.

To be sure your cookie jar is airtight, you’ll need to seal the lid with either foam or rubber. Moldable glue is another option, but you need to dry it for 24 hours or so. It should also fit in the lid’s mouth.

antique cookie jars for sale

A good way to keep your cookies fresh in an antique cookie jar is to put them in a ziplock bag. Make sure the bag is completely sealed before adding your cookies to the jar. This way, they’ll stay fresh for a longer period of time.

If you don’t want to use moldable glue, you can use self-adhesive rubber seals. These seals are made of rubber or foam and are easy to apply. They’re not as effective as moldable glue, but they’re easier and cheaper to use.

Another option is to look for a jar that comes with an airtight gasket. This keeps cookies fresh and makes it easier to hold. You can also find airtight jars that are made of metal or glass.

If you want to use a plastic cookie jar, be sure to buy a high-quality product from a reputable manufacturer. You can find many different designs and colors. But you’ll want to check the product description to be sure the jar is safe for use with food.

How long can you leave cookies in an Antique jar?

Keeping cookies fresh in a cookie jar may be a difficult task. Cookies have a short shelf life and the main adversary to their freshness is air. Keeping them in an airtight jar is the best way to ensure that they stay fresh.

Cookies with icing or filling may not last as long. This is due to the evaporation of moisture in the air. However, there are some tricks to keeping cookies fresh longer.

Keeping cookies in an airtight jar can preserve them for up to three days. However, this is not an option for ceramic jars or those with a non-airtight lid.

There are many factors that affect the longevity of a cookie. For example, the type of cookies you make, the location where you store them, and the material of your cookie jar. If you’re looking for the best cookie jar, look for a glass or metal jar.

An airtight jar can help preserve cookies longer, but the jar itself may need some TLC. If the jar you choose is not airtight, you may need to place it in a plastic bag to prevent moisture from getting in. You can find many jars that come with a rubber ring to keep air out.

The best cookie jars will also be made of a quality material. These include metal, glass, tinplate, and plastic. However, glass is a bit pricier and may break if dropped. Similarly, plastic may not be as eye-pleasing as glass, but it’s affordable.

Do antique cookie jars have value?

Whether you are buying a cookie jar for a special gift, or just a fun addition to your home, vintage cookie jars are an excellent way to add a touch of personality to your kitchen. The value of these jars depends on their age, condition and rarity.

McCoy pottery is one brand that produces some of the most popular and collectible cookie jars. Founded in 1910, the company has been making pottery in Roseville, Ohio. In the 1940s, McCoy produced a series of “Mammy” jars. These jars feature a big black woman with red hair and a spacious blue dress. This jar design did not appear again until after 1946.

Other collectible brands include Harper J. Ransburg, McKee pottery, Anchor Hocking and Anchor Hocking. Cookie jars produced by these companies are typically in pristine condition.

Another popular cookie jar is the Uncle Sam Hat cookie jar. This jar was a popular choice for patriotic Americans in the 1970s. The hat design is simple, but the colors of the American flag are evident. The 8 x 6 inch jar is priced at $1,000.

One of the most valuable vintage cookie jars is the Don Winton cookie jar. Winton is a famous sculptor and award-winning artist. He has created many famous awards and trophies.

Depending on the jar’s age and condition, the price can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. Antique cookie jars can be found at flea markets, auctions and online selling platforms.


Whether you are in the market for a new housewarming gift or just want to spruce up your abode in general, the vintage cookie jar is the sexiest of all your storage choices. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors, so a little imagination is needed to find a few gems. Fortunately, they are available for purchase at your local discount retailer, which is a win-win. If you are lucky enough to score one, make sure to take it home in style. You’ll be glad you did! The best part is you’ll be able to show off your new sexiest possession to your significant other for weeks to come!

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