Boston Richey Paper Work

Real Boston Richey has been accused of being a two-time snitch following allegations made in a social media post detailing the whole controversy.

According to a TikTok video shared last week, Florida vlogger 1090 Jake has shared more paperwork that claims Richey snitched not once, but twice. The documents allege Richey was involved in a stolen vehicle case with two other people in 2013.

During the investigation, it is said Richey agreed to talk to the police and told them about his involvement in the case and his conspirators. According to the docs, all three participants knew the car they were in was stolen, which ultimately led to them being charged with Grand Theft of a Motor Vehicle.

HipHopDX is unable to confirm the authenticity of the documents shared by 1090 Jake at this time.

1090 Jake’s alleged evidence comes weeks after 6ix9ine got his hands on paperwork that claimed Richey cooperated with police in a murder case back when he was 19 years old. He allegedly identified someone that threatened him during that investigation and stated that the altercation had nothing to do with the homicide in question.

Real Boston Richey has been working diligently to clear his name, as shown in the TikTok video which had an Instagram DM between Richey and an unknown person speaking on the allegations.

“I’m tryna see how I snitched when it completely say I told him nothing that took place had nothing to do with that murder as in him not doing it,” Richey said regarding the murder case. “N-ggas just hating on me bruh tryna blemish my image u feel me cause n-ggas kno I’m da hottest out and ain’t fwh.”

Richey’s co-defendant in the Grand Theft Auto case further supported his claim during an interview with Say Cheese! In the segment of the interview that was released on Monday (January 16), the co-defendant known as Koly said there was a misinterpretation in their case, hinting that Richey never told on anyone.

“It was more of a like misinterpretation in the paperwork, you know what I’m saying,” said Koly. “It was like back then, I don’t know how everybody GTA cases work all over the world, but when you’ve allegedly or may get caught in a car or whatever the case may be, they’re gonna charge you with Grand Theft Auto.”

He added: “You know what I’m saying, and shit, from what they said, even from what the police told us, is that if they seen us in the car this that and the third, I ain’t, you know, I said less on that.”

Real Boston Richey is signed to Future’s Freebandz label and was recently removed from his One Big Party tour. Fans speculated it had something to do with the snitching allegations, but Richey wasted no time clearing the air by explaining that he got removed for an entirely different reason.

“Fuck I look like gettn took off da tour,” he wrote with a laughing emoji. “I’m locked in gettn this music in order for this album. I’m tryna drop that trapping and finessing joint!”