Rice Paper Carbs

Build your perfect keto spring rolls and indulge in the flavors of this savory peanut sauce – a true culinary delight! If you’re seeking more keto dinner ideas, look no further! Create a remarkable menu with these recipes for ket egg rolls, egg roll in a bowl, and spring roll in a bowl.

top view of vietnamese spring rolls with peanut sauce

The Art of Crafting Keto Spring Rolls

Last weekend, we had some home renovation projects underway and sought the assistance of our friends and family to tackle the challenging tasks. In appreciation, I prepared a massive meal as my way of saying thanks – it’s what I do best!

To everyone’s delight, I set up a make-your-own-spring-roll bar, allowing each person to personalize their rolls to their liking. The experience was akin to a taco bar! Surprisingly, the majority of the crew opted for collard green wraps instead of traditional rice paper. And to complement the rolls, I made multiple batches of peanut sauce because, honestly, it’s that good.

vietnamese spring rolls top view

So, next time you find yourself needing to satisfy a hungry crowd or simply treat yourself, give these low carb spring rolls a try! You won’t be disappointed! 😋

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Ingredient Notes + Swaps

  1. The wraps – After extensive testing, I discovered that collard greens are the ideal keto wraps. They possess a mild taste, thinness, softness, and are easy to work with after a quick blanching. If you prefer, you can also use blanched cabbage or fresh butter lettuce.
  2. The sauce – I implore you to follow the sauce recipe as is. Once complete, taste it and make adjustments to suit your preferences. Feel free to add a bit more lime juice, soy sauce, sweetener, or whatever you desire, although we find it perfect as it stands.
  3. The noodles – Fresh spring rolls traditionally utilize rice noodles. However, shirataki noodles offer an extremely similar taste and texture. To enhance the texture of shirataki (miracle) noodles, make sure to dry-fry them. This process removes excess liquid, resulting in a significant improvement. Don’t skip this step! Alternatively, you can use spiralized cucumbers or carrots as alternative noodle options.
  4. The protein – While shrimp spring rolls are my personal favorite, you can also use chicken, shredded pork, or beef. Alternatively, omit the meat for vegetarian spring rolls.
  5. The veggies – Feel free to add your favorite vegetables. Sliced avocado, sauteed mushrooms, or bean sprouts are all excellent choices. Customize them to your heart’s content!

How Low Carb Are These Spring Rolls?

Each of these keto spring rolls contains only 5 g of net carbs. This calculation assumes you use 1/8th of the sauce and filling ingredients per roll. In traditional Vietnamese spring rolls, the peanut sauce, rice paper wraps, and rice noodles contribute to the majority of the carb content.

  • How many carbs are in peanut sauce? Typically, traditional peanut sauce contains brown sugar, sometimes Sprite, and peanut butter with added sugar, resulting in approximately 4 g of carbs per tablespoon. Our keto version employs simple swaps such as golden erythritol for brown sugar and sugar-free peanut butter.
  • How many carbs in rice paper wraps? An 8″ sheet of rice paper contains 10 g of carbs.

fresh spring rolls with peanut sauce

If you’re looking to further reduce your carb intake, consider using less sauce or omitting certain ingredients like carrots.

What to do With Leftovers?

If, by some miracle, you have leftovers, fear not! These keto spring rolls are excellent for meal prep. However, please note that the veggies may release some liquid, resulting in slightly damp spring rolls. A quick solution is to toss all the ingredients together in a bowl, smother them in peanut sauce, and create a flavorful spring roll salad with minimal effort.

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