Discover the Magic of Contact Paper Crafts

Contact paper, sticky paper, self-adhesive paper… whatever name you give it, those rolls of clear sticky plastic can do so much more than just cover school books. Get ready to unleash your creativity with these exciting contact paper crafts and activities!

Try one of these contact paper crafts and activities

Clear self-adhesive contact paper is a versatile material, perfect for making sun catchers, creating mess-free collages (no glue required!), developing fine motor skills, and engaging in sensory play. Its possibilities are endless, and the ideas and activities are both fun and easy to execute.

Unleash Your Creativity with Contact Paper Crafts

Easy Contact Paper Mandalas

Decorate your windows with these mesmerizing mandalas. This project is one of our favorites, and the results are absolutely stunning!

See Through Paintings

Take your painting to a whole new level with this exciting twist. Kids, both big and small, will love experimenting with this unique technique.

Pressed Flower Suncatchers

Experience the beauty of nature with these delightful suncatchers. Hang them in your windows and watch as the sunlight brings them to life.

Stick Flower Garden Sensory Art

Let your imagination bloom with this creative activity. Build your very own flower garden using contact paper and various materials.

Hole Punch Contact Paper Art

Sharpen those fine motor skills with this engaging activity. Little ones will have a blast while improving their hand-eye coordination.

Confetti Bookmarks

Make your reading experience more colorful with these vibrant confetti bookmarks. This craft is perfect for older kids looking for a unique DIY project.

Would you like to paint without using any paint? Try yarn painting!

No Mess Yarn Painting

Discover the joy of painting without the mess! Use contact paper instead of glue to create stunning yarn art.

Sticky Shaving Cream Sensory Play

Prepare for a sensory adventure with this messy yet incredibly fun activity. Let your little ones explore and play to their heart’s content.

Handprint Suncatchers

Create a keepsake that doubles as beautiful decor. These handprint suncatchers are a lovely way to capture a special moment.

Sticky Wall Gingerbread Man Activity

Get ready for a no-mess collage and sensory activity that will keep the kids entertained for hours. Let their creativity run wild!

Sticky Paper Dolls

Bring out the artist in your little ones with these adorable, low-mess collage ideas. Watch as they create their own sticky masterpieces.

Snow Window

Embrace the winter season with this easy and low-mess sensory activity. Create a snowy wonderland on your windows with contact paper.

Make Your Own Stickers from Contact Paper

Unleash your inner artist with this versatile craft. From young children to adults, everyone can have fun creating their own unique stickers.

Learning to Cut - a quick and easy activity for beginning cutters!

Sticky Cutting Tray

Improve scissor skills with this engaging no-glue collage activity. It’s a great way to practice cutting while creating colorful artwork.

Contact Paper Q-tip Art

Whether it’s for matching or simply creating, this idea will bring out the artist in you. Use Q-tips and contact paper to make unique designs.

Contact Paper Doll Dress

Let your imagination soar with this clever and fun activity. Create your own sticky dress or robot using contact paper. Life-sized version available too!

Contact Paper Sticky Wall Butterfly

Turn crafting into a group project with this delightful collage craft. Make beautiful butterflies together and bring your walls to life.

Sensory Wall Mosaic Art

Embrace the beauty of patterns with this engaging activity. Use mosaic or pattern blocks to create a stunning sensory wall mosaic.

Sand Art Contact Paper Card Making

Combine sand and contact paper to make unique and textured cards. This clever idea will add a touch of creativity to your greetings.

Easy Dry Erase Pages

Cover your playdough mats or drawing prompt printables with contact paper for reusable, dry-erase pages. The possibilities are endless!

There you have it – a multitude of inspiring contact paper crafts and activities! Let your creativity shine and choose a project that your kids will love. Have fun creating memories together!

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