Cute Notebook Paper

Looking for cute lined paper printable? Here are 13 of such printables you can choose and print for free for your personal use.

These printables come in a compilation of 6 designs ranging from flowers and butterflies, clouds and rainbows, animals, cactuses, bees and hearts. Some collections have up to 5 designs, and some only 1 design.

4 designs of cute lined paper printable templates.
Cute Lined Paper Printable Templates for Free

These cute lined paper printable designs consist of printable lined paper templates with straight lines (horizontal lines). The cute designs on these pages comes as borders (some in black and white and some in color), while some come as corner designs while the others as top and bottom borders.

All the templates on this page are PDF format and you will need Adobe reader to be able to open the files and print them. You can print and use these cute lined paper printables as single sheets of cute lined paper or printable lined notebook paper, or you can print a stack of them and make them into cute notebooks.

To make into notebooks, simply stack the papers together and staple the sides to form a booklet and hide the sides with a pretty tape. Another way would be to attached a ring binder to the printables and turn them into a binder notebook.

The Free Printable Lined Paper Templates

Rainbow Party Lined Paper Template

  • There are 4 designs in this rainbow party lined free printables. The designs come in cute animated and colorful rainbows, clouds, stars, buntings and party treats.

Cute dog lined paper template

  • These dog themed free printable paper templates come in a collection of 5 different free printable writing paper designs. The dog images are in color and therefore this printable templates are best printed on white sheets of paper.

Cactus border paper

  • This cactus themed paper design consist of a lined writing paper template with black and white cactus images. You can use it to write as it is, or can even choose to color the cactuses if you like.

Bee border design writing paper

  • This free printable writing template comes with a bottom border of 6 different animated bees in color. Additionally, there are 2 more slightly larger bees, one on the top left corner of the page (where you start writing) and another one halfway through the page, on the right.

Heart writing paper templates with lines

  • This heart writing paper collection comes in 4 different free lined paper designs – 3 in black and white and 1 in color.
  • You can exercise a little creativity with the black and white templates by coloring them to your liking.

Butterfly lined paper

  • These pretty butterfly themed lined paper are all in color. There are a total of 3 designs on this collection.
  • One template has 2 butterflies, one the top left corner and bottom right corner of the page.
  • The other 2 templates have a butterfly on the top left corner of the template and a row of flowers border at the bottom.

How to Print the Paper Templates

  • All the templates on this page are free for personal use. You can print and use them as many as you like.
  • Some are in black and white, and can be printed on blank sheets of white paper or even colored paper (A4 or letter size), provided the color is light enough for the black printing to show.
  • Some designs are colored and are best printed on blank white sheets of paper (A4 or letter size).
  • To print, simply click on each image and the pdf files will open.
  • Check your printer setting (paper size), place the correct paper size into your printer and choose the print option on the print menu to print your templates.

What can you do with these cute lined paper?

These cute lined paper printable templates are meant for writing. You can print and use them as individual sheets of paper for writing, or you can even print and compile them (especially those with more than one design in a collection) into a writing notebook. Here are some of the uses for these free lined printable template:

  • For writing letters – print the templates an use them to write letters to your friends and loved ones.
  • For high school projects, to practice hand writing for elementary schools (standard letter or cursive writing)
  • As bullet journals or junk
  • Compiled into blank notebooks
  • To write short stories
  • To write your to-do list or grocery list
  • As writing papers for college students

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